Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Pretend this is Eliza Doolittle, ok? I've been really a slacker about posting the show photos this year. And I 'm away for a awhile.

I'll have more to post when I get back. Ok?

Does this doll look drunk or high to you? Look at that face.....

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


So, how's your week going? Mine's stress, stress, stress with a side of WTF? Yes, it's Tech Week for My Fair Lady. 1St Dress is tonight (thank you, Theatre Gods that I don't have to be there). And shows are already selling out!

Last week I was going to post a Dr.Who he is!

Rory Williams dressed as the Last Centurion. There's a long 2 part episode were Rory stands guard over his wife, Amy Pond, for 2,000 years. Did I mention it's a time traveling fantasy? Dr. Who is the second best TV show ever ( yeah, Game of Thrones being #1).

Shortly I'll be posting show photos. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Yeah, after a night and a morning of laptop nonsense, everything was working when I got back home. Thanks you, magic tech fairies.

I was going to talk about my other favorite show, Dr. Who, be since I heard last night that Anita Pallenberg  died, here's The Countess from American Horror Story: Hotel.

Lady Gaga played the part on the TV show, but if it had been make in the 1960's, Anita would have been perfect in the roll. Rest in Peace you amazing woman.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Later on this evening, in time for The Tony's (8pm ET), we'll have 6 performances for Shrek The Musical in the bag. Now, to be honest, I'm not a fan of the trend of turning cartoon musicals into live-action musicals, as the cartoon is already a musical. Whatever.   We have a very talented cast this summer. But first, here's me and the costume crew, minus The Boss and our 2 actor/techs.

photo by Duke Guthrie

 Elizabeth R. P. Black, Kelby King, Loretta Steed, Jorden Watson, and me.

The rest of the photos were taking by Paul Levy and are publicity photos, not production photos.

 Projection logo designed by VSU alumni Jason Lee Courson


 Lord Farquaad (Alec James) riding on his horse with Fiona (Megan Wheeler) with Shrek (Alexander Mendoza, Actor's Equity member) and the guards, Joe Mason, Brandon Chandler, Terrance Searcy, Jeffery Oakman, Cal Bumgardner, Cooper Shaw, Andrew Poston, Olin Davidson

 The fairy tale characters that get run out of town: Kaitlyn Batchlor, Cal Bummgardner, Brandon Chandler, Olin Davidson, Jacks Dean, John Laurent Dean, Megan Foose, Delancey Gavrielle Hsu, Hudson Hardesty Hsu, Alexandria Joy, Amanda Lopez, Joe Mason, Lillabeth Mason, Aaron Moore, Meredith Morse, Jeffery Oakman, Andrew Poston, Rudy Redhage, Elle Scruggs, Terrance Searcy, Cooper Shaw, Abigail St. John, Cassandra Stowe, Maggie Tarpley, Rebecca Walker.

 Princess Fiona (Megan Wheeler) is a morning person. The Bluebird puppet is from StageWorthy Arts, McKinney, TX

 Happy townspeople with baby Shrek. Megan Foose, Abigail St.John, Cooper Shaw, Brandon Chandler, Jacks Dean, Jeffery Oakman, Kaitlyn Batchlor.

 Lord Farquaad and Princes Fiona (Alec James and Megan Wheeler)

 Shrek and Fiona (Alexander Mendoza, Megan Wheeler). Alexander wears a fake nose, that head piece and hand's for the whole show. And the green make up.  

Donkey (Imari Thompson) doesn't have to wear green make-up, just this fur suit the whole time he's on stage. There's a big fan and lots of towels and water for him to use every time  he's off stage. 

 All the costumes, except for a few pieces are rented from Harris Costumes in Fort worth, TX. With the amount of time we have and the amount of costumes in this show it would be all but impossible to build the costume in house. After all, we have My Fair Lady opening in 2 weeks! Can you say "Ascot"?

I'll be posting more about the shows through out the season.  Stay tuned.

Friday, June 9, 2017


Remember this from a few years ago? The floor I put in by myself? Well, it started to fall apart. We called a flooring place and they started putting in our new floor on Monday. 

 When I came home from working, the fridge and stove were here..........................

 And the kitchen looked like this...............

 Can you say "take out"?

Were are the water heater and washer/dryer?

 In the back bedroom, with the doors to the closet. Good thing we don't have kids!! And to all the people that thought we were weird for not taking out the other water showers in the master bath. So I could go to work for 2 days clean.


 Here's the new floor. Yeah, it's still black and white squares, but it's nice vinyl and the squares are bigger. 

 We did have an unforeseen moment. When the stove got put back in, it was sticking out about an 1" too much. Just enough so the drawer wouldn't open. The flooring guys came back and spent about 45 minutes getting it  back were it was. Seems these an old unused electric outlet that was sticking out. The joys of having an old house just keep on coming.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


A little over a month to go until season 7. Here's the true heir to the Iron Throne

Stannis Baratheon, brother of Robert. I know, if you're not a Game of Thrones fan, you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Here's something fun that happened last Friday night. I was at the opening night pre-show party and I was talking to one of the directors (who was also our theater area head for years) and he says to me: what's up with the dolls? One afternoon he was surfing around the internet and came upon this blog! He saw my photo on the side and wanted to know all about my blogging. Then he said "I saw my living room", in the post about the 2017 grads. The party is always at his house. 

So, stay tuned for show photos. And we got a new kitchen floor! That was a "fun" time.