Wednesday, August 28, 2013



Where should we go this week? I can-can tell you it's: France!



 Really bad pun, sorry. This lovely is about 4" tall.

 Frilly undies!!

5, 6, 7, 8.....kick!!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013



And it's NOT raining. Maybe it will be a non-raining weekend and I can go outside. I've been feeling like a  hermit. The rain keeps me inside way too much.

 I wore black and white on Tuesday for no reason. The skirt and belt are thrifted and the tank top and cardi are from The Avenue.

 This arm load of bling is from Payless shoe store, they sell jewelry, too.

 Got bored (darn rain) and made a couple of things. A knitted hair bow, it ties on.

 And a caplet made from Rowan yarn big wool tufted. 

Here's another photo, I can't decide which looks better. That's the Hope(less) diamond! Well, a fake one. I also made a shrug, which I hated. The beauty of knitting: I took it apart and can use the yarn for something else.

I knew you'd all like the Frida-fied Barbie. Twas tres easy to made. 50cent yard sale doll, about this much fabric and my favorite Frida outfit.  You can do one, you know you can! Go on, I dare ya!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013




We're staying south of the boarder this week.  How sad that this one only has one eye.  The eyes look like decals and I guess the right one peeled off. Made of plastic.

BONUS DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because you're all nuts for Frida Kahlo, I'm re-posting this doll I made my BFF for her birthday. I used a yard sale Barbie that was  dressed like a mermaid.

I sewed her hair up and added little roses and made her earrings .  Her eyebrow is a sharpie. I think she came out pretty good.

Monday, August 19, 2013



The first week back from summer break is always crazy. All the costumes,wigs and whatevers from PSST have to be dealt with.  My outfits all week consisted of what I could wear that wouldn't get covered in wigs hair, sweat and I could rummage around and sort through lots of boxes. Spent one day brushing out wigs, another moving boxes, yet another checking in dry cleaning (all $1500 worth) and sorting costumes to send back where they came from. Ah, the glamorous life of show biz. And it rained every afternoon. All the shows have been cast, I had a design meeting this morning for the 3, yes, 3 dances I'm designing, and we start week 2. I did manage to get some thrifting in between the rain this weekend.

 I got this sweet hat for $3 at the hospice store. I always buy hats, even if it's just for the trimmings.

 Don't you think it goes well with the new to me fake fur coat I won on-line?

                      I'll be a trend for winter.

                      Check out the collar.

 Dollar books and a 99cent tie. The 99cent sale at Slavation Army was still going on. The books are from The Dollar Tree

 This jacket reminds me of Bella Q from Citizen Roesbud

      I'll have to wait a couple of months to wear this skirt.                      

An almost brand new carry-on for $5!









Years ago I worked in a more office place and one of my co-workers used to dis me for buying second hand/thrift shop clothes. Her belief was that if I bought it "poor people" wouldn't  be able to buy it.  Her thinking was,  I  guess, that  people with jobs should only shop for new stuff, because  poor people couldn't afford to.  I just thought she was a rude, snob and had probably never set foot in a thrift store ( some of them are huge) Has anybody else ever run into this from a co-worker or friend?

Wish me luck on the 3 dances. We're also doing As You Like It by some guy called William something or other.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013




Continuing last weeks doll, another cute Mexican lady. She's made of plastic and I love her outfit, the hat is sweet. 

I got the 2 lots of dolls I won at an on-line auction, one lot had 19 dolls for $19! I may need another cabinet for them.

And I now have 37 followers. Thanks to all of you for that.

Friday, August 9, 2013





 So, what the heck is a Wonder Cabinet? It's a place to put all the strange, odd things you just can't get rid of. Having all these things all over the place would be a mess, and a dusting nightmare. If I'm not mistaken, they started being used in Victorian times when "explorers" would being trinkets and souvenirs back from far away lands.  Sort of  like your own mini-museum. Mine's in the living room and is a cabinet I got at World Market. That thing holding the door open is some kind of cast iron leg, the chair was $6 at a yard sale (I got it covered), the pillows are from estate and yard sales. The prints that you can't see too good are from the art sale at school.

 The first shelve has a bunch of religious items which I've been collection forever. The large BVM in the back belonged to my parents. I didn't know this photo was so blurry, sorry. There's an owl in the middle, which I guess is a tribute to Harry Potter ( not really)

Shelve 2: some Day of the Dead things, sand paintings, minerals and the stopper bottle is holding cat whiskers and claws. And some scorpions. That white item in front is a sand dollar, I found that on a beach!

 Shelve 3: nature things, holy water holder that didn't fit on shelve 1, a glass bottle in the shape of a hand. The big shell in the back is a vase.

 Bottom shelve: creepy hand candles, some more minerals, a face mask a friend made, spider and that odd thing with the face (Ray made that in grade school) is a lion, the tall bottle is a "Dream Jar" one of our students gave that to me after I designed the costumes for a play she wrote called "The Dream Jar". You write your dreams on paper and put them in the jar. And your  dreams come true. I don't know if it works or not.

 The top of the cabinet and a fake peacock ( it was sold as a Christmas decoration) a tin toy a friend gave me, Geisha (sp ?) that another friend gave me, the peacock feathers are in a beaded candle holder. I recently realized I have some sort of peacock obsession.

Another shot of the cabinet. Tibetan cymbells are from a lot at an auction, the cabinet had a boring knob, I replaced it with a fake vintage one from Anthropology.  On the bottom, you can see the face my friend made a lot better.

Where do you keep your priceless treasure? 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013



Poor little girl, her skirt is all tore up. I love how sweet her face is.

Monday, August 5, 2013




I wore this today to go the the Convocation and free lunch. The dress is Jessica Simpson, I like it so much I went back a couple of weeks later and bought the same dress is orange! I've never done that before. The t-shirt is from J. Jill and the leggings are Target, sandals are Ecco and the bag is from Old Navy via the thrift store. I need to find an orange t-shirt to wear with the other dress. I like sundresses but don't want half my bra and all my skin out there getting all sunburned. You can't see it be I wear #50 sunscreen. I will be having a post shortly showing you all what's in the cabinet. I swear you guy s are nosier than I am.  Stay tuned!

ps: I just won 2 lots of weird dolls on an auction site....................

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hello, everyone!

      Yep, on Monday all the meeting for fall semester start. Luckly, because I'm "staff", I really don't have to go to any of them. I do go to the convocation that the President has tomorrow morning.  Yesterday, we hit a couple of charity shops. The Sallies was having a back to school sale....everything was 99cents! Sadly I only found 2 things.



 I wore this dress I bought last summer.  I'll show you what I bought in a minute.

 The aloe vera plant I got at a yard sale years ago has bloomed again.

 The half price hibiscus is going nuts. Not bad for a $6 plant!
 Not so happy tomato plant. It blew over in the wind and I didn't have any duct tape. Maybe it'll work.

 I was wearing the best anniversary gift ever. Ray got me this awesome Alexander McQueen bracelet a couple of year ago. 
My latest yarn bomb project
 It took forever ( well, 4 months) During summer stock, I didn't feel like knitting when I got home. I was going to do all 4 posts, I've  rethought that. One's enough.
 I didn't forget: here's what I got.

A new dress. It not black, it's dark blue and made of rayon.  And cost $6.
                     99 cent cookbook from 1964

 These are from Target. I couldn't pass up 50cent crayons.

 One of the 99cent items I got at the Sallies. One more and I can call it a collection of straw totes.
The other thing I got was this blouse. Which makes this a $3 outfit. I got the jeans awhile ago at Hope Thrift for $2. I always look for 100% cotton jeans. I don't like how the ones with stretch slide down after you wear them for a couple of hours. 

That cabinet next to me is my Cabinet of Wonder, AKA Shelves Full Of Crap. I got it at World Market, and maybe one of these days I'll show you what's in it.

Stay cool!