Wednesday, April 30, 2014




She's maybe Turkish or Middle Eastern. The trim and details are beautiful, but she's lost a shoe.


It's raining for the second day in a row. At least we've missed the tornadoes and it's not 90 degrees like Monday.


4 more days of the semester, then finals and graduation on May 10th. Yeah! Oh, wait, we start Peach State Summer Theatre (PSST) on May 15th. So much for a break! We're already working on the shows. 



Monday, April 28, 2014



I've been a social butterfly this past weekend. 3 days, 4 events! First up: the 2014 Theatre Awards Banquet. Every year the theatre students vote for best actor, play, etc from the past season. 

 Kelsey South and me. Orange is the new black! She won best featured actress for Lonely, I'm Not where she played 4 characters.

 Christie Jo Mayo, who comes by the shop to help out all the time even through she wasn't signed up for a grade. Racking up major brownie points.

 Lizzie got the memo about the flower.

 Jenna, Tess and Will (Che) Stanley. Note the medals; they both won for their acting chops.

 Bitch face and duck lips!

 Much better.

 Gingers Rule! Matty Hogan and Kelsey (The Mistress) Russo. They also won medals.

 Group shot!

 A lovely photo of our exchange...I mean "International" student Jenah , she's from England.

 My shoes.

 and purse. Got my dress at the Goodwill for $6. It had beads and sequin on the front, which I took off, the purse is vintage and I can't remember when I got it. The shoes are from TJMaxx, bought years ago.

On Saturday afternoon, we went to this lovely lady's retirement party

 Dr. Carol Mickleson has taught classic voice (opera) at VSU for 44 years! She also produced the yearly opera.

Later on Saturday evening, we went to see The Dredges at Blazefest 2014.

 Here they are. 3 theatre students and a friend. It was like the best of Coachella and Glastonbury rolled into one. Alright, not really.

 The huge crowd! There were more people earlier in the day, but by the time I got there maybe 3 dozen people were left. Sometimes I don't understand our students. Always complaining about there's nothing to do on campus, then not going to the free event.

 Sarah-Beth Moseley on rhythm guiter, she plays the bass, too.

 Will (Che) Stanley, lead vocals

 Micheal Morgan, drums

 and on lead guitar, Devin (who's last name I can't remember)
I took these with the zoom, so I think the blurryness makes them "arty".  Or bad.......

 The Doctor resting his leg. He got himself a new walking stick, which looks like a staff. I've taken to calling him Gandolf. 

 Must have a photo of a dog being cute. It was an outdoor event after all.

Event #4 was on Sunday. The Annual Senior Dinner. For years our faculty have had a dinner every semester for our graduating seniors. It's a potluck, faculty cooked meal at one of our faculty's house. The students really enjoy it.

 The ladies who preformed at the Emerging Artist Showcase last weekend. From left to right: Becky (Evita) Morris, Kelsey (The Mistress) Russo, Sarah-Beth (The Rock Star) Moseley and Tess (Duck Lips) Buis.

 Jared "The Kid" Kay, not an actor but a scene shop assisstant.

The rest of the grads: Emmanuel Davis, Makada Bryce, who's dance got picked for the ACDFA* Gala, Emily Bradford, and part of Dennis May.

That's more socializing over one weekend than  I've done in a year. Hope it wasn't too boring!


*American Collage Dance something something



Thursday, April 24, 2014



The annual clean up the costume storage areas! We (try) to do this once a year. It's funny where things get put. I'll say "Put like items with like items. If you don't know where to put something, leave it out and ask" This year I've found folding hand fans in the bandana box (fandanas?), camo pants in the dress slacks, and tank tops with the blouses. Sometimes it's funny, but it does make it hard to find things.

Stripped and check shirts, all neat and tidy

 White dress shirts washed, sort of ironed and sorted by neck size. I have sizes 14/30 to 16/39 40 and 18/35. We buy the hard to find sizes new and on thrifting trips we always buy white dress shirts. They get dingy with make-up and wear and tear. When the collars get too dirty,  we take the collars off and turn the shirts into collar-less shirts to use with old fashion detachable collars.

 The double rack of vests. Or waistcoats. All different styles and time periods.

 One of the pants racks(there are 4 more) All the pants are now on the right hangers and sorted by color. This rack has all the vintage 70's pairs, plus the colorful ones. Bright yellow slacks anyone?

Today we're tackling the woman's storage. Here's a peek.......

 Attack of the Tulle Dresses!!!!!! I'm going to pull out some of the awesome vintage pieces just for fun and take photos.

This is hot, sweaty and dusty work. I tried to look nice...

 Low top Chucks, good for climbing ladders. Sock in the same color ways. $2 thrifted jeans

My blouse matches. Thrifted Avenues blouse.

Don't know what I did to get the printing to change to yellow! I've try and fix that next time. And the size of the words? WTF?


Wednesday, April 23, 2014


She has a 'tude.

and she's blurry, sorry about that. Maybe she's Maria from Sound of Music. Don't know.

This past week has been a wash.....we had 10" of rain. Yeah, at least I live on high ground unlike a friend who's garage flooded twice. I've been doing end of the year sorting and organizing of the storage. My "fashion sense" have been whatever I can climb up and down a ladder in and pull boxes down that have more dust than the great pyramids. ( hey, spellcheck is that spelled right?) This up coming weekend I have 3, count them, 3 social events to go to. Fingers crossed that I remember my camera and remember to take photos.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014



Because it's Easter week. Not that I'm religious, but for some reason I really like religious art. Must be the lapsed Catholic upbringing. 

I have a large collection of Infant of Pragues. This is 4 for them, I've packed them away, ya know, de-clutter the house. I find them second hand, except for the little red one . My sister-in-law bought that for me on a trip to---wait for it--Prague! The one front and center was bought at salvage store in Berkeley Ca, called Urban Ore. The 2 in back from on-line auctions. The large one is holding a St George  banner I got in Athens Greece.  I have a couple that are planters(?) and one that has a beautiful dress, those are packed away. They are usually pretty cheap, because the fingers, and crosses are broken off. But who cares, I sure don't.

Have a lovely rest of the week.

Sunday, April 13, 2014



Way back in January, I told myself I should only buy things I really needed (food, toothpaste,beer) because of our sometime soon move. Well, on Saturday I couldn't stand it anymore and had to go check out the new charity shop that opened 3 blocks from my house. Everything is priced 93cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found 4 items, $3.98!

 It would have been rude to pass up this pretty dress. If it wasn't a size 11/12 I'd wear it to the upcoming party. Yeah, that doorknob was put in upside down. (I didn't do it)

 Cool pointy folded sleeves on the top and it still has the belt.

 The back has a cool draping things and is missing a hook at the waist. Boo hoo, I won't be dropping major pounds in the next 2 week for it to fit.

 A Man fit by Campus shirt for The Doctor. The other 2 items were a white dress skirt (17/35) and a pair of peep toed shoes that have been put into costume stock. The shoes were a size 8 and I will not even try to cram my size 10 feet into them.

 For lunch we went to Thomasville and had b-b-q chicken sandwiches and stopped here. The Doctor walking without the cane.

 The Bread Wagon is an Amish (yeah, that's right, in South Georgia) bakery. For left to right: whole wheat, cinnamon bread and tomato/basil. I made grilled provolone and goat cheese sandwiches with the tomato/basil bread. We also got lemon squares.........eaten in the car on the way to Tallahassee.   In Tally we went to World Market and stocked up on beer and wine.

 At Publix this morning I found this. I just couldn't leave them sitting there.

Not an outfit photo, just me say "Hi". I had just come in from the pollen zone, AKA outside, and my eyes are all itchy. It's been really bad this spring. I'm not usually this bothered by it. I look sooo pretty, I forgot to flat iron my bangs!

Hope everybody is having a lovely weekend. 

See you soon  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014



It's Spring, let's hear it for flowers

No clue where this lovely is from. She has a sweet face.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

AN OUTFIT POST (sort of)


Hi! Old dress, new peacock earrings that The Boss brought back from USITT* in Texas. I figured out why it's been ages since I've done an outfit post. The last time I bought anything (except food, personal items and packing supplies) was a dress at Christmas! And I forgot  to take a photo of me wearing it.

Looked out the kitchen window this morning and saw this. The water from the storm still in the driveway.  Doesn't it look like Australia? Hmm.....maybe it's an omen.

Here's the rest of the reason I haven't been doing outfit posts. Major stress out!!!!!!!Our house is on the market. We've spent the past couple of months fixing, painting, replacing and generally sprucing the place up, that coupled with The Doctor's sciatica(he's almost better), working on 5 shows and not being a fan of change, I've been just a tad stressed out.  I'll get used to it, I guess.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Evita posts. It was a major success, the best show we've done in a long time( both money wise and audience response) Next up is PSST, which starts at the end of May. This is the 25th year! The season is: Mary Poppins,  Smokey Joe's Cafe and 42nd Street.

* United States Institute of Theatre Technology 

Monday, April 7, 2014


But first, I completely forgot to credit where the production photos came from: Bryan Garris took the show photos during one of the shows. I think it's better to do that, as it keeps the action flowing.

Here's a lovely cast and crew photo. Yes, the guy in the upper left is wearing a hard hat the looks like a cowboy hat. The woman in the lower right is our amazing director, Jacque Wheeler.

Some of the lovely chorus ladies: Carla Paige, Chele North, Christie Jo Mayo, Jasmine Lewis and Kenya Delouis.


 Blake Fountain as The General and Josh Barcol as Magaldi the tango singer

 Eva's brother and sister, Chele North and Tyrell Ruffin

"Pervita" in the make-up room during intermission. That's Jenah Colledge in the background, she was in charge of keeping all the wigs pretty during the run.

Now, I know everyone wanting to know how "that dress" was made. You can see part of the top in the above photo. We cheated. The Boss found a column dress that had a weird tulle bustle thing for $50 at a resale shop. In theatre, time is money and it would have cost a heck of a lot more to build that dress from the ground up.

We kept the column dress in one peice so we can use it later. The weird bustle thing turned out to have been a skirt that was folded in half (?) I took all the layers apart( all 7 layers) and remade them into a shirt. For some unknown reason the bustle thing also had a hoop petticoat, which had the metal hoops still in it. With the skirt all put back together we ended up with a 2 piece dress. (the straps were added to hold it on the dress form) Lucky for us it didn't need hemming. The skirt is: 1 hoop petticoat, 1 layer of satin, 1 layer of stiff net and 4 layers of tulle.
Here's the dress during "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" . I'd say that was $50 well spent. Rebecca Morris as Evita.

Hope you enjoyed The Rainbow Tour of Evita......

Next up: Summer Stock!