Thursday, May 26, 2016


From (most) of the backstage crew at Peach State Summer Theatre

photo: Duke Guthrie

In the front is our company manager, scenic artist, props master, me and carpenter.

Back row, carpenters, lighting, sound, high school intern, costumer, and another carpenter.

There's a couple people missing, but it's pretty much everybody but the actors. Those darn noses pinch.

We open the first show a week from Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just for fun.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


This lady is so pitiful. Somewhere along the line, she lost an arm. But look at how beautiful her costume is. 

Friday, May 20, 2016


After years of bitching about it, we got rid of the falling apart computer desk and I got a new desk/sewing table.

I couldn't make up my mind, but then the 30% coupon happened with free would have been rude not to. Six metal drawers for storage and a nice big desk top. Thanks, World Market.

And books,  because reading is fun(damental).

 Advance Style, part 2. I'm enjoying reading the essays from older than me woman. There's still hope....haha. And John Hunk of Burning Love Doe's new book. Read this one last weekend. Was I one of the few girls that loved hardcore punk? Those guys didn't scare me, it was fun.

 The 60's. Andy Warhol and the Rolling Stones? Yep, in a nutshell.

 This is a beautiful picture book of Morocco. The photos are outstanding.

 See? One of my friends had her honeymoon here and loved it.
Maybe one day I'll go.

 A huge book full of fashion photos from the last 100 years.

 Look! The 1960's again.

For reason I missed the student art show's opening this year. But I thought this would be of interest.

Best piece in the show

It called "The Lion of Judah" and is made from junk metal. Love that it's on casters. It can be yours for  $12,000!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck selling it.

Work should be fun this afternoon. The rental of Beauty and the Beast arrives. It could take forever to check it in and give it out. Wish us luck on that.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WEIRD DOLL WEDNESDAY, PART 200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In honor of this being the 200th doll, here's the only character from Game of Thrones who hasn't had a costume change in 6 seasons.

 Sir Jorah Mormont of Bear Island. That mangy yellow shirt is probably pretty ripe by now.

Started the summer stock program on Monday. Can't wait to see what the Beauty and the Beast rental costumes look like.  So far it's been easy ( I know, 3 days).

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


This photo has been floating around my Facebook feed for a couple of weeks. I don't know the original source. But it's so cool.

Sunday, May 8, 2016


The best thing about having graduation outside at 8pm, was the fireworks at 10pm. I went to the 1pm Collage of the Arts convocation and we walked over to the stadium for the fireworks. We stopped at a good spot which happened to be right across the street. Enjoy the show.

That's The Doctor standing on the curb. We were that close.

Hard to believe my $200 camera took these photos. I did nothing, but point and shoot. How much better are the pictures from one of those $$$ cameras?

Oh, yeah, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the Moms out there.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Did you really think actors sat quietly backstage waiting  for their next scene? Oh, hell, no, they take all kinds of goofy pictures of each other. All the following photos were taken by cast and crew members.

 Brandon Chandler, Austin Vickers, Ali Thomas, Haley Aguero, Hannah Findlay. AKA, Will Parker, Ali Hakim, Ellen, Ado Annie and Gertie Cummings.

 Dream Sequence Saloon Girls. Olivia White, Megan Foose and Hannah Findlay.

 A love triangle. Ado Annie, Will Parker, Gertie Cummings

 "Gertie Cummings" and the dancers: Brianna Edwards, Olivia White, Jourdan Evans

 Ado Annie and Gertie Cumming, Act II  costumes.

 Matt Tito, Megan Foose and Austin Vickers. AKA Andrew Carnes, Aggie and Ali Hakim

 Nick Baggarley and Caitlin Miller, people will say they're in love. And both are graduating today.

 Demetrice Cummingham, as "Slim", hanging with Gertie.

 Mikaela Brielle as Armina. Yes, we give the chorus actors names.

 Forgot this production photo from yesterday. The Farmer and The Cowman should be friends.

Even if you've never seen this show, you'd be surprised at how many of the songs you know:

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
Surrey With The Fringe On Top
Kansas City
I Can't Say No
Many A New Day
People Will Say We're In Love
The Farmer and The Cowman
All Er Nothin"

Another season done. But in a week (next Sunday) we start PSST 2016. There's no rest for those of us who's life in on the wicker stage.

Friday, May 6, 2016

IT'S BEEN A MONTH................................

since Oklahoma closed, about time I posted some photos.

All the production photos are by Genny Muncy.

 Laurey (Larren Woodward) plays hard to get with Curly(Wendell Hester) while Aunt Eller(Autumn Denmark) looks on

 Laurey's girlfriends come over and dancing happens.

 "Make up your mind, Laurey" That's Ado Annie(Haley Aguero) in the red outfit.

Just say "NO", kids. Laurey sniffs "smelling salts" and goes on a bad trip.
 Jud Fry(John Sanders) shows up with some hoochie mamas. Olivia White, Megan Foose and Hannah Findlay. Who's it gonna be? Jud or Curly?


Some more singing and dancing happen..............................

 Awe, they get married. Thank you to FSU for the wedding dress we didn't have to make (she wears it for 2 minutes)

 Oh, crap, Jud turns up and Curly kills him.

 But, heck, it's Jud Fry and nobody cares..................................

 Because we belong to the land, and the land we belong to is grand. Oklahoma is OK. Until the dust bowl happens and it turns into The Grapes Of Wrath and they all move to California. 

I have fun backstage cast photos for tomorrow. Theatre kids love to take picture backstage. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Queen Margaery (AKA Anne Bolen) is still in prison. Confess my ass.

 She's so sassy.

Speaking of still, I'm still sortenizing (sorting/organizing) at work. It feels like I've done the men's shoes 99 times, let's NOT make it 100. So far both shoe areas, the Hat Room, day dresses/evening dresses, ties, collars jabot etc,  and purses. Damn, we have a lot of stuff. I'm also doing inventory tags on pieces that we pull for shows. That should take years to finish, haha. So I guess my job is safe for awhile. Photos of all this organizing will happen sometime. Nobody mess anything up, ok?