Thursday, May 29, 2014



Thought it would be a good time to wash my hair and catch up. Needless to say, I'm way too busy for just about anything but work and sleeping. But, hey, that's the nature of summer stock and it sure is better than a boring office job. After classes were over and before PSST started, I did read some books. Really paper and ink books.

 Fashion and dance? Of course! I've been a ballet fan since I was a kid so the Nijinsky book was a good addition to the dance shelve.  The fashion book....i mean come on, Schiaparelli & Prada? It would have been rude not to.

 A couple more to add the The Rolling Stones collection. Love how the smoke looks like it's real.

 Miss Peregrine part 2, can't wait for part 3. And the second Harry Hole novel. For some reason America is getting these in a weird order. But who cares? It's another great read.

Then work kicked back in and we been working like busy bees. There was a week wait until the rental costumes for the first show arrived, all 20 boxes of them!!!!!!!!!!! We spent that time working on the last show.

The first show is Mary Poppins, Peach State Summer Theatre is one of the first theatres to get the rights to do it. So if you're the Valdosta area come see it. Because this happens......

 Bert and Mary hanging around. Yeah, he's up side down.

Here's the test run with Jared. He's pretending to be Peter Pan, hmmmm.....wrong show. He was so happy to be the tester!

How do you make costumes for a harness? These are worn like a belt, so the costume have a slit on each hip and the harness is hooked through the slits. I've never worked a show that had flying in it before, so I didn't realize how easy that was. The rental costumes were ready to go.

The other 2 shows are Smoky Joe's Cafe and 42nd Street. (anybody see the finale for Warehouse 13 the other week? There was a musical number from 42nd St!) If your interested in what I'm up to, you can check out the PSST page on facebook, Peach State Summer Theatre.

The 2 flying photos were taken by Jonathon Willis.



Wednesday, May 28, 2014



I was hoping to make the 100 Weird Doll Wednesday special, but it's been a rough week. Here's a tiny doll for a tiny post

Until next time....

Wednesday, May 21, 2014



99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well that's deserves a special one!


In 2010 I designed the costumes for Buried Child by Sam Shepard. I won't go into the plot, but it involved a  strange family, corn,  a wooden leg and a dead baby. At the season ending banquet that year was a table scape contest. I won, with Buried Child done with fashion dolls.

Here's from left to right: Dodge, Shelly, Tilden, Vince, Halie, Father Dewes, and Bradley.

AKA: A New Kid On The Block, A Barbie, A Ken, Vanilla Ice, Christie Brinkley, Another New Kid and Luke from 90210

Halie, Tilden with said dead baby bones and Shelly. The dress draped over the back of the couch is Halie's change.

Vince pull a knife during the play, hence the seam ripper. I also make the couch. The play is pretty creepy and I did just find show photos. I may do a post soon with them.

I've been crazy busy the past week. Working on the summer musicals is a ton of work! I've been taking work photos so stay tuned for that. Here's a hint: someone flys!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014


 From France to Kenya


2-in-1, sort of a late Mother's Day greeting to all the mothers out there. Can't remember where I got her.

Tomorrow is our first meeting for the 2014 season of Peach State Summer Theatre, PSST for short. It's also the 25th year my university has done summer stock.  Wow, how could I not work this summer? It's my 14th summer! Not all in a row, but that's insane. So stay tuned for lots of photos and fun times.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014



Her label say "Beauce". 

Any guesses what that means?

Finals week is upon us, which means 3 days until graduation and 9 days till the start of summer stocks. Yippie!