Wednesday, October 30, 2013



Tomorrow is Halloween and Friday is Day of the Dead, so here's a fancy dressed lady



Oh, my, she's blurry! That was my old camera, right before it broke. 


I'm forgoing a costume this year, as I'm way too busy.  Enjoy the day

Monday, October 28, 2013




 It was cold in the house this morning. My coffee was making me happy.

 First dress for the next show is in a week, so here's a teaser: One of Rosalind's costumes

Two men's coats.  We are almost done.


Enjoy the week!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

AT THE ON-LINE AUCTION I WON..................


a bunch  of crap I don't need, but couldn't live without

 Pretty retro serving pieces. The covered one is a chaffing dish.

 old toys
 12 old children's books from the 1940's and 1950's

                                        6 purses

                 DeLill purse, it's Paris!

 Tano of Madrid  Made in Spain. Maybe 1940's? Does anyone know?

 How cool is this one? Bamboo, with no markings

 Not a lot of room in there, but who cares?

 All this pottery for $6. Here are the highlights........

 Hull leaf with grapes.......

 2 pieces of McCoy. I have 3 of the planters already.

 Frankoma bowl.

 Creepy looking planter that looks like wood. ( Looks like a face to me)

Sweet blue swan.  Guess pottery isn't a hot collectable anymore (yeah) And 2 weird dolls, but those will be saved for a Wednesday.

Our local auction house started on-line only auctions about 6 months ago. I don't know if I like that better than live auctions. I do enjoy sitting at one all day, listening the the auctioneer and marveling at what people will pay for certain  items. It works like ebay, where you can set a max bid and if you get outbid they send you an email. I won 5 lots, but bid on 15 or so. I set my limit and unless I really want something, don't go over it. They also have a on site preview day, which I like, because I like to touch everything. This auction was at a house about an hour from where I live,  when we went to the office to pay for my winnings, the woman who works there told us she was going to the auction site that afternoon and she would bring everything back with her so we wouldn't have to go after work, because "I'm nice". Hell yeah, thank you!  See, it pays to be nice.


Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend

Wednesday, October 23, 2013



In honor of Frocktasia's move to Glasgow...........................



A Wee Piper!  I always wondered who thought up bagpipes. They're a very strange item.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


 Yesterday's thrifting find: 2 1970's sportcoats.

 I came across this rack of duct tape at Target. To think I've been using the retro silver stuff! So many choices. The rolls on the far right are One Direction (yeah, the boy group) duct tape. Guess they must be popular or something.

 Made a pear pie today. Pears, sugar and cardamon, yum!

This was in the pocket of one of the sportcoats. $15.00 for a tank of gas on Jan. 11. 1978!

We went to an auction preview today for an on-line auction. Put bids on all kinds of things. I have my limits, and won't know what I won until Tuesday evening. Send me some luck!

I have to go in extra hours this week at work, it's getting to the crazy time. The costumes look awesome and, of course, I'll be posting some photos when that happens.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013



 Oh, a fancy lady.


Hope everyone is having a happy week.

Sunday, October 13, 2013




This past month was a pretty busy one for my family. First off, about 4 weeks ago,  my niece Kay married her sweetheart Danny. It was in Reno, which is about 2,500 miles from here. I couldn't take 5 days off from work, but the Doctor went. To bad he doesn't like to take photos.

              Here's Mr. and Mrs. Salerno.(geez, I hope I spelled that right)

                    First dance as Mr and Mrs.

 Kay dancing with her dad, Gary. The Doctor's youngest brother.

                  Kay and her mom. Misty.

The reason I couldn't go was the dance concert was breathing down our necks. I get down time, but it's sometimes not in the right space. Here's a new photo of the dance called Attic Antics

 Five little girls get bewitched by the imps in the attic. The image on the screen is motion capture that one of the art department faculty did. He filmed 2 dancers then changed them into imps. The girls get turned into monsters. Sorry the photo is fuzzy

 The second part of the ballroom dance was a cha cha. I do love the 80's sequin party dresses! Both dance photos by Sarah Wildes Arnet.

The Homecoming football game and parade was the same weekend as the dance concert. Seeing as The Doctor is now a big shot he got to be in the parade

 He's always sooooo dignified.

And our newest family member made her appearance on Friday. Say "Hello" to Annadella Lila Morris!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She needed a bit of oxygen  and is now fine.Those tubes look pretty scarey but she only needed them for a short time. Her mom is the older sister to Kay, aka The Bride.  Shila and Chad have a set of twins, Em and Wes who are 3. I don't know where "Annadella" comes from, but "Lila" was the name of my Mother-in-law and she would have been Great-Grandmother .

Wonder how exciting the next month will be?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013



It's Wednesday already? Let's dance!!!!!!!

 Spanish dancing couple. Love the Elvis sideburns.

               Her dress is amazing.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013



I bought this dress last Friday for $2.99. It looks like *meh* on the hanger

 Totally looks great on. It's from a company called Susie in the City.

 The knot wrap detail in the front gives it a lot of shaping.

 Random cat photo. Sleeping Mr. Scooty

Here's another dance I designed. All 8 costumes where pulled from stock. We've had the green and blue dresses for years. The one on the right started life with an ugly lace with bows bodice. I took that off, added some sparkles and braided straps. The one in the back got the long sleeves removed and some sparkle added to the front. Cost for all 8 costumes? $0.00. Yeah, I altered a couple of vintage dresses. So, sue me. I don't see the point of letting costume pieces hang in storage, rotting on the hangers when you can change them up and use them in shows. I also did the costumes for the cha cha number (no photo yet) that was also the same 8 dancers and those costumes also cost $0.00.  As a costumer, I'd rather pull from stock and spend money on period shows or musicals.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

".........$20 IN MY POCKET"


On Friday, before work, I walked over to the Salvation Army and got 8 items for under $20. Here's the receipt  to prove it.

 Sometimes I think people don't believe me when I tell them what I pay for some of the dresses I wear. My new dress cost $2.99. Here's want else I got.....

 Vintage short sleeve man's shirt.......

 2 vintage sweater vests and a short sleeve turtle neck sweater

                 Wool sport coat. Geez, lots of brown and tan.

 My new dress. Which I hope I can wear next week. It looks way better on then on the hanger.

and a sweet cropped cardigan.

The 8th item is a pirate shirt from International Male which is hanging with the costumes for the next show.  It's the "puffy shirt" from that Seinfeld episode ( I've never seen that episode, but someone told me about it)

Until next time........

Friday, October 4, 2013



According to Bella Q, it's Plaid Day. As I don't own any plaid, here's The Doctor wearing some vintage Pendleton.

He has tons of the stuff, but all the other photos I told looked like mugshots! Not the best poser!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Here's an old postcard of Anna Pavola in The Dying Swan costume. The dance was her trade make piece.  

 I stood in front of this costume (or one of them)  at the dance museum in Stockholm, Sweden in 2003. I had to come up with a more modern version


 tutu, feathers, trim and more feathers. Thanks to ebay, we found the tutu for $55!
The rest of the pieces were from old, beat up costumes. We recycle like crazy.

the first idea on the dress form. We decided to shorten the over fabric so some of the tutu shows. 

  Done!      photo by: Sarah Wildes Arnett

Another view.  Danced by Haley Sheppard. Photo by: Eric Brandt Neilsen, who also choreographed the piece, from Fokine's original work