Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Santa and his elves
Ice, ice, Vanilla Ice Santa, baby. Yo! Ho Ho!
The little snowman was made by my friend John Holiday from stuff left on the cutting table last year. I made the red and gold snowflake garland years ago. The wooden hearts that spell out  "Merry Christmas" were from a junk shop. Going on a short trip, so see you all next year.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Me and Santa probably 1959. Check out my little handbag! Damn I look cute and do not remember my cute outfit. I think this was taken at The Emporium in San Francisco, the building is still there, but the department store is long gone. I think Nordstrom took it over.

My swap gifts from Noelle in Utah. The lady's hair is pussy willows, way cool. Thanks, Noelle!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
PS: look for a special WDW tomorrow!

Monday, December 24, 2012


Santa Tree. In the den

Vintage Santas

Christmas Around The World Tree. Dining room window
Tree in the living room. Before presents. Moved the furniture around, it's all cramped into my sewing room.

Homemade stockings

Left over prop from Carousal

My friend Sarah H. makes these pretty wreaths

Mr. Scooter Bug looking regal

"Gee, I'm bored"

"Maybe I'll play with this mouse"

"Damn, busted"

"Better pretend I'm napping" Miss Kini Cat trying to be good.

Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for following my blog! Love you more than glitter and cookies!

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Can't believe I've worn my new coat twice since I bought it. We've been having freeze warning here the past couple of days.

80's shoulder pads. My crafty sister-in-law made the Christmas tree pins years ago, I made the hat last winter.
Call me goofy, I don't care.
wearing: Jones of New York coat: $10.
              Lane Bryant jean skirt: very old
              Anne Klein funnel neck sweater: maybe $25
              yellow and green mittens from Afghanistan: bought in the 1970's
              hat, homemade with Rowan yarn
              Tree pin: gift from Karen.
No jewelry, I feel naked!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


All better and feeling goofy. Felt well enough yesterday to hit a couple of charity shops. Today, is windy, stormy, and gloomy

My new winter coat. It's 100% wool, from Jones of New York: $10
I love the pattern on this blouse. 100% silk: $1. It's a size 10, but I could use the fabric and make something new out of it.

Roxie's modeling a lovely straw hat:  $2. I'll have to add some loops to get this hat to stay on.

Here she is wearing a Help Me Helga hat. $2. This hat is so small it looks like a topknot on my head. But it jumped off the shelve into my cart, how could I not buy it? All this for just under $17, I know it adds up to $15, there's tax.

This cute dervish dancing person is from the second store

Yet another heart-shaped box. Plus 2 more weird dolls. All for under $6.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012



Clara and the Nutcracker Prince. I made these in the early 80's. I have the whole corps de ballet on the tree

I used this pattern
Yeah, my tree topper is a Barbie Christmas Princess.
Thanks for all the get well wishes. I've been feeling better the past couple of days, now I'm just resting up and getting cabin fever. I haven't had the flu in 10 years, which is probably why I hate being sick. At least I didn't have a bunch of social crap to do. Because this is a collage town, lots of people go "home" for the holiday break. All the social stuff happened 2 weeks ago. We are going over to Dogland for Christmas Eve and on to Rock Hill for New Years. Have a lovely week, because you'll need to be rested for my over dose Christmas day post. You've been warned!

Monday, December 17, 2012


The beautiful gifts I got from Noelle in Utah. I'm going to be a good girl and wait for Christmas Day to open them.
I can't believe someone would get rid of this awesome homemade pillow! It's mine forever now.
I've had the flu on and off since Friday, all I've been able to do is lay around and sleep. Guess the kitchen isn't being painted this break either. On a happy note; our university's football team won the championship for Division II for the third time since 2004......go Blazers!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Half-price sale at Goodwill on Monday

Yes, another black and white print dress.  This one had the label cut out
White Stag hippie skirt, with ruffle
Metal peacock plate. I now have 3 of these, all different. The scarf is from a hole in the wall charity shop in Quitman, it's 100% silk and is from Italy: $2

Maxi dress and little sweater, the belt was $4 at Target a couple of years ago

A close up

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Say "Hello" to Lupe. She's from San Antonio, Texas.
I been busy tiding up the yard and who wants to see a photos of me all dirty and covered in leaves, not me! I do enjoy pulling Virginia creeper out of the trees. Got all the Christmas put up in the house, I'll put a warning up when I'm posting those photos. And I'll be posting all the stuff I got at the half price sale, it's all in the wash right now. See ya soon!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Pretty Spanish lady. She about 14" tall. I love how sweet her hands are. I think I got her at an estate sale.

Monday, December 3, 2012


It's the last day of classes, and I get the next month off. I've been sortenizing* the costume storage and have 2 new assistants; Sweaty and Dusty. Which is why I haven't been posting outfit photos.
I wore this to the Christmas party last night. One of my co-workers asked where my fascinator was. Geez, it was business casual!
Dress, jacket, pins and Hermes purse: thrifted. Is it real? It says "made in France" and was $2.50, so who cares. The rug is from ebay and is the only thing I've ever bought there.

Just because it was casual, you didn't think I go naked, did you?

Bought this on Saturday at a hole in the wall charity shop, $2

A church was having a craft sale and I got these. The kitty was $0.25 and the ornament was $2

Here's a better shot. Made from old cards. I make these from old Christmas/birthday cards. Cut circles, score 3 sides, glue them together. The bigger the circle, the bigger the final ornament

Silk robe and Chinese jacket $6. The jacket can with crappy poly pull on pants, yuck.
* sorting and organizing

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Yeah, to having 5 days off! For Thanksgiving Break we get Wed-Sun off. This is from Sunday and I was on my way to the mall.....don't use the last 2 birthday coupons. On Black Friday I wandered around the empty campus and took photos.

The old main entrance to campus. I think this arch was put up in the 1930's The building in the background is West Hall, home to the university President and the other big wigs
The new Student Union, which houses the bookstore, food court and ballrooms. We'll be going there this evening for a reception with the President. The invite says "business casual", guess I'll be wearing a frock.

We now have a bunch of public art. I don't know the names of the artists, but something tells me not of it is worth $20million. This one is in the front yard of the Fine Arts Building, were I work,

Rusty Balls (not it's real name) is in the backyard of the FAB

Across the creek, behind the library

Another view

I know who made this one, our former President Dr, Zaccari

In front of the Education building

A dragon in front of the library. Our football team is The Blazers, so it makes since

Pretty leaf benches.
I've been taken photos of flora, which I'll be posting shortly. Thanks to Vix, I have more storage. There's a reason I'm nervous about pushing buttons on computers, I'll tell you some day.