Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Another detail heavy doll. That's a metal cross around her neck.  Guess I should iron her apron.

If you can believe it, yesterday we got more donations for the same woman. She brought the last load which also included 3 shelving units and a mirror ball. I love mirror balls. Haven't had time to rummage through, but I did find a shoe box full of bangles. We all want to stop working on the musical and spend a week playing with all the new stuff. Of course, I'll take photos when that happens.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Last Thursday a woman called the costume shop and asked if we were interested in a donation of "old clothes" that a family member left after some family problem (don't really care). A shed full of stuff. We always say "yes", because you never know. On Friday we unloaded 2 pickup truck loads of boxes, bins, more boxes. This is a small look at the donation.

 Theses are in the woman's dressing room, there was twice as much in the men's.

 Just a fraction of the shoes and hats. I didn't get to them yesterday, but my guess is over 100 pairs of shoes and the same number of hats.

 Spent a great deal of Saturday sorting and cataloging the clothing.....all 340+ pieces of clothing. A rack of evening/cocktail/ beaded tops. From the 1920's to modern day.

 A whole lot of coats. The yellow one in the middle is an opera coat from the 1920's. Very Lady Mary.

I took some photos, but I really needed to log all the pieces in. Could have spent the whole day taking photos. Enjoy this taste.

 Odd modern day dress with a velvet top and unusual skirt.

The next photos make me sad. Beautiful 1920's dresses that are falling apart. The silk is so fragile we'll never be able to use these. We will put them in acid free storage boxes and use them for teaching and research.

 Pretty flapper dress. Imagine how cute this was new.

 This one makes me cry. Every time I moved it some for the fringe fell off.

 Glass bead and rhinestone feathers on this once beautiful dress. Don't leave 90 year old dresses in a shed, ok?

Most of the donation was woman's clothes. There was a couple of tuxes and military uniforms. And these 2  fun skirts.

all-over floral print from the 60's

Welcome to the 70's

 A great deal of the clothes were from the 40's and 50'. Not much from the 70's.

 This beauty is prime 40's evening wear. The dragon is in great shape, as is the dress. The color is more red then pink. We'll be used this in a show sometime.

 White leather suit from the 1960's. Aslo in great shape.

 Red wool dress with matching cape. It's not missing that button. By the shape of the collar I'd say early 1960's.

 Everyone into the pool! Calling Esther Williams. Beautiful Jantzen swimsuit from the 40's. Wonderful condition and the zipper (yes, swimsuits had zippers) works fine.

Like I said, only a very small part of the donation. I will take some more photos ( some of the labels are fun) when I get time. The musical is fast approaching. I probably won't get to the shoes and hats until April, but there are some really awesome shoes. Too bad I wear a size 10.

In the immortal words of Joan Crawford: No Wire Hangers!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Another tiny doll. More amazing details, but no clue where she's from. She does have a right hand, the lace is covering it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


The new show opened in the Fine Arts Gallery was a good way

 Art made with spices. It took 12 hours for the artist and a handful of volunteers to set up the installation. Enjoy.

The next photos were taking by Julie Bowland, the gallery's director.

Art Supplies

More art supplies

Art supplies with stencil 

 Needless to say. it smells really good in the gallery. If you're in the area, drop by and enjoy a very cool installation.

Back to the costume shop to make more clothes.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


I'll get to that. First:


My Bff sent this:

 I love heart jewelry. Cute badges and some stickers from our favorite bakery/cafe. Yes, Rock Hill South Carolina has an awesome French bakery. In fact, the Charlotte location just got voted the best bakery in North Carolina.

 I got the Lindt chocolate and The Doctor got the Tabasco chocolate. Sounds like an awful thing to do to chocolate, doesn't it? But it was surprisingly tasty.

Over priced flowers or something else? I choose the "something else"

 A girl can't have too many boots, can she? These rocking Steve Madden boots cost about the same as roses would have, and will sure last a lot longer.

 Found this tablecloth for my sister-in-law. She has an amazing collection of vintage tablecloths. Which she uses for all family events and parties. They don't stay folded up in a cupboard.

Now the $3.......

 2 vintage sweaters and 2 vintage ties from a small local charity shop called Lilies. It's one of those places that is open on Mondays 9am to noon and the second Saturday of the month from 9am to noon. And it's been closed for awhile because of a new building being built right next door. I was happy to see that they have reopened. The purple sweater is made from Turbo Orlon, say what?    

Have a lovely day

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monday, February 8, 2016


The Doctor asked me to teach him how to cook. Ok, sounds like fun.

 Sauteing ground turkey for tacos.

 Ground turkey tacos with yellow rice. They came out really good.

 For Super Bowl Sunday: chicken souvlakia with tzatziki and salad. Good job with that too. It is funny watching someone really smart reading a recipe.

Yep, the Super Bowl happened  and it was ok. Lady Gaga did a really good job singing the National Anthem, which was a surprise. The half time show was lacking: Coldplay did their lackluster U2 impersonation. Not a fan.

The Dollar Tree (AKA everything's a $ store) was having a DVD sale. Found these 3.

 3 for $3? Yes, please.

A new thrift store opened. I checked it out one Saturday and found some treasure.

 A pretty blue made in Italy scarf, a 1972 plus sized pattern, and a pin. All for under $3.50

close up for the pin

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, February 6, 2016


Today is my friend's birthday. Yesterday we celebrated by having rainbow sprinkle sugar cookies. Kenan is in grad school at LSU getting is degree in costuming.

 Christie Jo, yours truly, and Esther AKA The Boss.

I'm wearing an outfit that cost around $10. $2 Levis, sweater/tunic $4.99 (from Nordstrom Rack) thrifted scarf and a homemade hat.

 Here's what the scarf looks like.

The show we've been working one (well, one of them) opened last night. It's our winter children's tour and is call Bunnicula the vampire bunny. It's based on a series of books. It's a musical, but isn't everything these days?  The costumes were pulled or bought  and the rabbit puppet was found on-line. This one was pretty easy to do. Not all show have to be giant sized productions. That will be our up coming musical: Oklahoma! OK?

photo; Desiree Carver for the Valdosta Daily Times.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


It's still Wednesday here. (7:58 pm). I almost forgot, my day started way to early (hate getting up in the dark). Just for one day.

Think this one is South American or Mexican. She's carrying a clay pot on her shoulder and her blouse has embroidery. And she has red, red hair. 

 She's plastic and came with a doll stand. Her eyes close if you lay her down . Pretty sweet. Love the crazy eyebrows.