Friday, February 27, 2015




Polar fleece and sweat pants? Right.

 Velvet dress and a velvet coat is more like it.

 Both the dress and coat are thrifted. The purple legging are old as dirt and the blue scarf is from Morocco (no I've never been there) it's so old I forgot I had it! Boots are from DSW and the heart necklace was my Valentines gift. It's Betsey Johnson and was 40% off 50%, so it was $8.

Mr. Scooty approves of the cuddle blanket.

I've found a couple of bargains at the thrifts lately
 This pretty McCoy planter was 50cents!

 Lovely guide to London. There's on date on this, the graphic cover is to cute . 5', how much is that?

 Inside the front cover was this note "page 40-41". The book has ready good maps. What could be on those pages?

 Who ever owned this book wanted to make sure they knew where Soho was. They even drew a pencil outline around it.

 This sweat box was only a buck. On the bottom it says "Everything Export Florance" Too pretty to pass up.

A kids biography of Ben Franklin from 1968. It left out the racy bits.

The sun came out today for the first time in 3 days. Rain but no snow, so I shouldn't complain. Stay warm and Spring is just around the corner or hiding in a warehouse somewhere.

About the trip to the sporting goods store, The Doctor needed some new tube socks. It was fun, I didn't buy anything.  


Wednesday, February 25, 2015



Let's go someplace warm.

Guatemala! What a cute family. Pretty sure these are handmade. Love the faces.


It's been raining here, we're too far south for snow. It's damp, dreary and depressing. The 3 Winter D's.  Spent yesterday having a Girls marathon and plan on finishing up season 2 this afternoon. I did go see Summer and Smoke at the university. I still can't get over watching a show I had nothing to do with. But it's fun to see costumes I made being used in new shows. The cast did a wonderful job, and there are so many new faces!

Project update: took the jumper apart and have yet to look for a pattern (see the 3 D's).

Spring is just around the corner, right?

Friday, February 20, 2015



How cold was it yesterday?

 It was so cold I sort of turned blue.  Not really, just playing around with the filter.

Good thing I finished the blanket

 Cuddle blanket #1, finished in January for The Doc's birthday

 Cuddle blanket #2, finished yesterday for me.

Cuddle blankets cuddling.

Now on to that jumper/pinafore re-make. Because no way I'm I going outside in the cold, I'll wait until Saturday when the Weather Channel says south Georgia will be 77!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Another from my sister-in-laws collection. Which I gave her years ago. Dang, should have kept her.

She has a wooden painted body and her skirt has pockets for sewing supplies. Or if you're really fun, office supplies on your desk. She would brighten up that dull cubical.


Update on the project: there isn't one. I've been knitting a blanket and after that I'll start the remake of the pinafore (AKA jumper)  



Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Next Project


So many titles came to mind for this post: You Bought What?, Hello, I've Joined A Cult, How To Look Frumpy In One Easy Step, etc.  

I bought this jumper on Saturday.


 I'm wearing it over a blouse and jeans and it's huge!

 "Good, lord, I look so frumpy" I thought the no make-up, un cropped photos were perfect for this look.  Middle aged cult member?

 It's  a pretty corduroy fabric. I'll be taking it apart, measuring how much fabric and making something awesome out of it. 

 Back to normal today.

"I'm a dancer!" Not really, I lost my balance when I kicked my leg up to show off the boots. Thanks, Doc for being a great photog. 

What I'm  wearing: thrifted knit skirt, sweater and shell bought new on sale, YSL heart necklace from an auction lot of jewelry, those boots from Payless, really old leggings and a $1 headband from Target. The jumper and blouse are also thrifted.

I'll keep you posted on the project.

Now back inside, because it's getting colder as the day goes on.


Wednesday, February 11, 2015



Found this little cutie last week. She has a ding in her forehead and a chip on her nose. Must have gotten into a fight.

My guess is Swedish. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015



Not really, but we did run across an elephant



 A life size baby elephants in a graveyard. It's on a grave from someone who owned a circus. It says that on the headstone.

 One of these days I'll grown up to be the girl who's bangs stay put. Thrifted velvet coat on safari? Oh, heck, why not?

 The Doctor was looking on-line for places to explore and found out about the elephant. It's a couple of miles south of Moultrie.
It's interesting to explore old graveyards around here. Most of them are still being used. I find it interesting to look at the dates and wonder about  the lives of the people. It's a different way to look at history and some of the history around here is unpleasant.

 Like this: that's a new headstone for Mr. Hall who served in the Confederate States Army. AKA the losing side. See that rusty cross thing? That marks the graves of men who served in the CSA. There's a group who put them out and repairs/replaces the damaged headstone. The item on the left is a flag holder.

 Here's another one. This one is interesting because of the boarder around the grave. Those things that look like garden edging are sometimes put around old graves. I have no idea why. It's also becoming rare to see the fencing, because people steal it and it turns up in pricey antique shops. So do those old boarder stones. Don't do that!

 1792,  Mr. Norman was born 223 years ago. What was his life like and how did he end up here?

 Moses Norman, maybe the son of James Norman? His CSA cross is craved right into the headstone.

Miss Josephine would have been a teenager during the Civil War. Do you wonder what her life was like? 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Geez, it's Wednesday already. So much for all the posts I didn't do. And welcome to my 2 new followers.


Let's go to Italy! Venice to be exact. I've never been, but I play Assassins Creed, so I feel (sorta) like I've been there.

Not a whole lot going on right now, which explains my lack of posts. I have been helping a friend sort through stuff for a yard sale she's having, but that isn't very interesting. Hmmm, maybe I need another vacation.