Wednesday, July 30, 2014



Well, that was a fast week.  I found my tripod, so maybe I'll being doing some outfit posts. I seem to be AWOL from my own blog. 

Here's a lovely Japanese doll. She has the sweetest face.

All the auction lots (but 1) have arrived. I'll be taking photos and re-organizing the cabinet this week. And maybe, I'll do some group shots of the dolls that are from the same countries.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


You should see my dinning room table, it's covered in new to me weird dolls. I'm still waiting on a couple of boxes. So much for not buying anything. I'm going to wait until the rest of the boxes show up to start taking photos. I will have to reorganize the cabinet.

Shhh, she's sleeping. I've got no information about this one.

This not working hasn't set in yet, as I usually don't work in July. I'm sure I'll start feeling the change next month. Wherever we end up I still want to work. It's a whole lot of fun making costumes and being around theatre people. Cue "There's No Business Like Show Business"

Monday, July 21, 2014


 About time, right? 42nd St premiered in 1980, based on a novel and the movie of the same name from 1933. It has a very simple plot: Peggy Sawyer  comes to NYC and wants to be on Broadway. Does she succeed? Let's find out........

All the photos by Genny Sutter

 The show opens with an audition for Julian Marsh's   new show "Pretty Lady"

 Everybody want to be in it! It's a tap your feet off moment.

 They all got cast! The writers of the show, Bert Berry (Robert McFletcher) Mac (Jared Brodie) and Maggie Jones (Rentia James) talk to Andy Lee (Olin Davidson) the dance captian.

 Peggy Sawyer (Megan Wheeler) shows up late! And gets hit on by the young leading man, Billy Lawlor (Micheal Byrne)

 This sort of attention doesn't go over to well with Peggy, so she runs off, smack dab into the producer, Julian Marsh.

 Mr. Marsh ( Micheal Hadary) wasn't impressed. The, slightly, over the hill Dorothy Brock (Desiree Dillon) shows up with her Texas oil man boyfriend Abner Dillon (Blake Fountain). Dorothy gets cast as the lead because Abner is putting up $100,000 to finance the show.

 Let's start rehearsing right now. The Shadow Waltz. With a cheap theatre lighting effect. Lights shining on a scrim makes really good shadows.

 See? Why it's called The Shadow Watlz.

Dorothy comes back to the theatre, but the audition is over. Maggie Jones take her to lunch with some of the chorus girls

 She tells Maggie that she really wants to be in the show, but was  nervous. But she really is a good dancers and wants another chance.

 so, of course, on the way back to the theatre, they have to dance in the alley and impress Andy Lee. Guess what? They need another girl! How lucky is that?

 Abner isn't too happy about the kissing in the play........

 ......I hand shake will have to do.

 Peggy gets all tangled up during the dance

 and faints!  Oh, no!

 She's taken back to Dorothy's dressing room where we meant Pat Denning (Ryan Stillings) Dorothy's real boyfriend.

 Julian Marsh sends these two thugs (Micheal McClain and David Foster) to tell Pat "if you know what's good for ya, ya wont go to Phillie"

 Everybody at the train station to go to Philadelphia for the out of town previews.

Let's have a run through of "Dames".

 The frumpy gals get a make over!

                                               It's magic!

 Remember those headdresses? Here there are. And none them have fallen off.

 Dorothy makes an appearance at the of the number and isn't very happy about it.

 So unhappy that at the Regency she tosses a drink on Abner,

 Then calls Pat who comes to her room to comfort her.

It's opening night of Pretty Lady at The Arch Street Theatre

 Billy Lawlor sings and dances in "I Know Now"

 The urchins find a dime. Wow, they're "In The Money" now.
(Megan Wheeler, Sarah Arnett, Tanisha Moore, Christine McNeal)

Cue major tap dance number "We're In The Money"

 Everybody tap now.

 Dorothy's solo. During the dance part of this number, Peggy bumps into Dorothy and she falls down and break her ankle! Mr. Marsh fires Peggy on the spot! Will the show every make it to Broadway? Will Peggy go back to Allentown? Will Dorothy every walk again? End of Act I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maggie tells Julian that Peggy's leaving, but he should go get her, because she's really talented and she can save the show.

 "Come on along and listen to the lullaby of Broadway".

 The whole cast show up, without a lead the show closes and everyone will be out of a job. Guilt trip, right? Is she going to stay?

 Of course, it's a silly musical. Everyone is happy and Abner is still going to bank roll the show.

 Andy Lee tells Julian "She got 2 days to learn 8 dance numbers, 16 songs and 300 pages of dialogue". Or something like that.

 Dance, Peggy, dance. She fading fast, people!

 Oh, Mr. Marsh! Went in doubt, lay a kiss on her. Or maybe she fainted again and his doing mouth-to-mouth.

 Peggy take a break and look who shows up!

 They got married! And Peggy and Dorothy sing "About a Quarter to Nine"

Two days later, it's the opening night of Pretty Lady on Broadway!

 "Shuffle off the Buffalo" (Tenisha Moore and Robert McFletcher)

 The 42nd Street ballet. "You're going out there a youngster, but coming back a star". This number is a slice of life in NYC number. All the city comes to 42nd st. The elites, the low lives, the cops, everybody.

 The show is a big hit, duh. Peggy goes off to the cast party leaving Julian on stage alone. It's kind of a downer ending and doesn't address any of the "plot" lines, what there are. But it's one of those musicals that is built around the songs.

                                  THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dang, that was a lot of photos. It's kind of bittersweet for me, because it's the last show I'll be working on here at VSU. I've worked here since 1992! The Doctor retired and I resigned, our new phase of our lives await. Wish us luck!

And enjoy the show