Friday, December 27, 2013




I'm linking up to Spy Girl's 52 Pick Me Up and I do believe I did it the right way around this time.

 This week is "metallic". I'm wearing a coat/tunic I got at Dillard's for $17 and holding  wreath my friend Sarah made.

We had a lovely Christmas. The Doctor got a new outfit (the Ralph Lauren one from the by the pound store) one of these days I'll trick him into posing.

 I got more books. I'm a sucker for a rock n roll bio and I love Jo Nesbo.

 My sister-in-law made the tea towel and the jewelry is from The Dr.  It's from Alchemy 1977. He didn't go to Jerrod's. My sister sent a wine and chocolate box( which is gone) and the house got a new microwave. We don't over do the gifts

We had a small Christmas dinner party and true to form, I didn't take photos.
 I made dinner from my new cookbooks. Which are amazing!


 Here's my house on Christmas Eve.

I have a concrete porch, so my house won't burn down.


 What do you think of the new colors?

Wednesday, December 25, 2013



Did you think I'd take a break because it's Christmas? But, no princess........



Pretty Russian Christmas dolls from Dr. Mary-Alice (AKA Malice). 

Have a lovely day.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


I linked up with Spy Girls 52 Pick Me Up and forgot to make a post!

 Bad, Thorne Garnet. So here's a purple-a-thon.

 Even my bedroom walls are purple and the blanket.

I promise it won't happen again. Ok?

Saturday, December 21, 2013



Over Thanksgiving Break, I went to the By-the-Pound store in Charlotte, NC with MTW. I got 14 pounds of stuff for $21. Here's it all piled on the floor.

Big old pile of stuff

 While I was getting it all ready to wash, I noticed I'd bought pieces that made outfits.  "Hmm, maybe I should make outfit posts of what can be found second hand" Here's outfit #1: Vintage Sears a-line skirt and Vintage Jessica's Gunnies, which is part of Gunnie Sac/Jessica McKlintock

 The blouse is in the Gibson Girl/1900's style and would have been perfect on one of the maids in A Little Night Music from last summer. Note the leg of mutton sleeves.

"Polo? I got your Polo right here lady"

Both pieces are Polo Ralph Lauren. The pants are brand new, still had the store tag. The sweater is a wool/linen blend. Who's says you can't find nice quality clothes at a thrift store? Not this girl. Both of these outfit probably cost around $5. One of the reasons I decide to do You Got That Where is some people don't believe me when they ask me where I got an outfit. I get one of two reactions: Horror (I wear dead people's clothes) or shock( you got that where?) As Bella Q says: SHOP SECOND HAND FIRST!!!!!!

Have a lovely weekend!!!!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013



After the home improvements, decorating for Christmas and doing some yardening(yard work/gardening) my style awesomeness have taken a back seat

 See, what I mean. Geez, woman, ya could have put some lipstick on! I keep forgetting to take photos of when I do look "fashionable".  Heck with it, I'm on vacation.

I was downtown the other day mailing cards and stopped in to the Hope Thrifts store.

 where Christmas tree stands go to die.  Some of them look like green lampshades. Because I was walking, I had to not buy the whole store. But........

Roxie got a new hat.

 Here's a side view. The bow is light green. And it's 21" around, which means it's 3" too small for my head. Boo Hoo.

I was rummaging through the patterns. Most of them were 80's-90's, but look what I found.......

1940's, 1950's and 1960's! Working in theatre what I like about vintage patterns is the graphics. See how nicely styled the suit on the left is? And check out the hair styles on the evening wear. I'll sometime hand an actor an old pattern and tell them "do this with your hair and makeup"

Enjoy whatever you do for whatever holiday you do. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013



".......sparkle Barbie tied to a tree with strings. These are a few of my favorite things"

Geez, covering lots of bases today: weird doll, Christmas, show tunes....... 

Barbie tiring one on

One more week until a new Dr. Who.....I mean, Christmas!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013



I get mine from all over the place. I'm not one to follow this years trend in decorations, so my stuff has been collected since the mid-1970's. 



 My friend Sarah makes these wreaths. They sell really well at the charity auction she makes them for.

 New Star Trek Hallmark ornaments.  The Borg cube no longer talks, but when plugged in it said "We are the Borg. Enjoy your holiday, resistance is futile"

 Santa from the 70's. I bought this fellow at Weinstocks in Sacramento. He broke in half and is losing his color, but I don't care. I'll keep him forever

 My Dad sent me these, our family ornaments. He divided up the Christmas stuff years ago. I wonder what happened to the silver tree?

 Santa painted on an oyster shell.  Don't remember who gave me this. I'll not going to have every new piece in this post, that would be nuts!!!


 Tree skirt made from a sheet. Stencils were in an old issue of Martha Stewart Living.

 Recycle your Christmas cards into ornaments.

 Pine cones from the yard and glitter

 Use leftover beads and earring hooks to made pretty beaded earring things

 Ornaments made from old patterns. I made the Nutcracker ones in 1980 from a Vogue pattern. I always look through the patterns at thrift stores because you never know what will turn up. It's a great way to find vintage craft patterns.


 The 2 green angles are candles holders. The homemade tree is decorated with buttons, broken jewelry, beads etc. Why would someone get rid of this? But, hey, thanks, I love it.

vintage glass nativity

Santa and the wife
 I would have been rude not to buy this crap. The red one is a wishbone and a thimble. Crafty!

Someone took along time to make this pillow.

Karaoke elves

Break dancing Santa

Santa's a dare devil!

Santa planter.

Santa decanter and his friend

Christmas Eve Inc limited edition of 30,000. That's what the label says.


My sister-in-law gave (1)this to me years ago. She found it in a thrift store(2),  and on the bottom of the pieces it says "SA 79", so that makes it vintage(3). 

As the Borg say "Enjoy your holiday, resistance is futile"


PS: There maybe one more Christmas post.

Friday, December 13, 2013



Well, I'm finally in the Christmas  Spirit. Thanks in part to the Menopausal Supermodel. She puts Christmas trees in her bathroom! Go check her out.

Let's start with outside......

 I made this wreath with a straw form, some left over yarn and a second hand Santa.

 My friend, J Willis makes these. This is the front door.

 Made with bits and pieces of stuff that ends up on the cutting table by John H.

 Got these vintage electric candles today for 49cents a piece. And they work.

A couple of years ago I decided to divide my ornaments up between 3 trees: the big main one in the living room, a Santa one in the den, and a Christmas Around the World one in the dinning room. First up: Christmas Around the World

 I got this Russian lady at Miss Kitty's Cat Rescue a couple of months ago.

 Weird dolls on the tree, from left to right: Bali, Germany, Indonesia, Queen Elizabeth I, I don't know where the pink and gold one is from, and a Chinese nutcracker.

 Mexico and an Indian elephant photo bombing


 Russia, Germany and Ireland

 Holland, India, Florida Seminole doll, Portugal, Guam

 Santa in a shoe. I've had this guy so long I have no idea where he came from. Any guesses? I seem to be lacking anything from Africa, I'll have to do something about that.

 This is what the trees looked like last year with it's old topper

A left over prop glitter star from Carousal that the prop master gave me during the strike. He gave all the stars away. Stuff like that gets thrown out after shows, so we can take it out of the trash and keep it. 

That's one trees down and two to go. Off to watch 2-hours of Grimm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!