Monday, August 13, 2012


Jacksonville Florida Sunday 4pm.
I swear this dress looks good on. I'm wearing it on Friday
Purple and black zebra stripe Dr's. How could I pass them by? I won't be able to wear them until it gets cold, maybe November.
Yeah, I know. The metal ones were $3.80, the beaded one were marked down (from $28) to $8
Jo Nesbo rocks and Vegan Indian food sounds great
$8? How about $2.80 a piece? Again, I'll wear these when it gets cold. 2 of my favorite colors
Yesterday's jewelry. I felt naked, not wearing any bracelets
We stopped for coffee at Starbucks and this huge fireworks store had been built next door. 
Today's jewelry. That orange necklace is YSL that I got in an auction grab bag. 10 pounds for $35! Everything else was gifted from Marlene except the posts. They were a Christmas gift for a nephew years ago.
It's the first day of fall semester, how can August be fall? It's 90F (around 30C) again, humid as hell and it'll probably rain this afternoon. Yeah!


  1. Those DMs are ace! What a fabulous find! There's still another month before school restarts here! x

  2. Ha,you guys love your fireworks!!! We saw fireworks shops everywhere during our road trip!
    LOve the Docs!!How fabulous!XXXXXX

  3. I would buy and wear EVERYTHING you have posted today!
    No, August certainly isn't autumn, though it has felt a little like it here today... xxx