Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It turned out I didn't have to work Monday after all. So I went to the half off day at Goodwill and went crazy.

An 1980's Adelle Simpson cocktail. dress.

I couldn't get a good photo of this dress, I tried 3 times. It has a mock wrap skirt with a ruffle detail and long sleeves.

Jane Schaffhausen for Belle France floral dress

The elastic in the sleeves is shot, but other than that prefect

1960's cocktail dress

close up of the fabric
Man's suede jacket. sort of Western style

Another Hawaiian dress

Size 14? Maybe it's for child, because it's really small

Early 1960"s (?) day dress. No label and I looks homemade.

Yes, it's bright pink crimplene!

And all this stuff: round lime green table cloth, Countess Mara silk tie, sexy red slip, Pacific Northwest Native American  scarf and some pink shoes.

Those shoes? Yeah they are and only $3.99.

Sparkle dust from the Dollar Tree

 I hit 2 stores and spent $28 at Goodwill and $6 at the other one. Not too bad. Now I'll leave you with a taste of want I've been making at work. Because of our break, it will be next week before I can get a photo of the actor wearing this.

He's playing "Louis" in Pippin. I make the shirt, pumpkin breeches and the waistcoat. Can you stand waiting that long? Yes, you can.


  1. love the green dress and the pink dress, great finds!

  2. The pink crimplene and green brocade dresses are so sweet! well done!
    Your sketch looks great, can't wait to see the finished costume. x

  3. Pink crimplene!! That warms the cockles of my ehart, and the green brocade one is especially gorgeous!
    Hurrah for great scores and Spring Break! Coming into Autumn (Fall, you call it) here, it's getting very chilly in the veenings and early mornings! XXX

  4. what a great selection of clothes. enjoy them all. lucyx

  5. Pumpkin breeches? I've just GOT to see them.
    What a jackpot thrift outing. The crimplene is madness and the cocktail dress begs for some high falutin sophistication and martinis. Glad you're on a break. Have fun!

  6. I am loving all the dresses, especially the brocade. I found a vintage Hawaiian dress myself last week, I often wonder how on earth such exotic items found their way to the north of England!
    Looking forward to seeing the costume you made. xxxx

  7. Prada? Again? :) Love that you found those.

  8. Great scores!
    I love the brocade frock especially, I have a big thing for brocade and lurex, I think it's the magpie in me :)
    I'm very suspicious about designer shoes after buying a pair of Marc Jacobs flats from a car boot sale a few years back, they were absolute feet killers, I've never had so many blisters on my feet as I had after wearing them for half an hour, I actually had to duck into a charity shop to get another pair of shoes just to walk home in. I'm sure your Prada shoes are much more comfy, either that or these high end designers are feet sadists?!

    1. the shoes are about a size too small, then the Pradas I tried one in a fancy store where too small too. Are my feet even too big for the designers out there? (No)

  9. I am totally JEALOUS of all of your fabulous finds!! WOW!!!Such gorgeous frocks!!
    Can't wait to see your sketch costume come to life!!!!