Saturday, September 7, 2013




 That's what this whole bag of clothes cost. Another sale at the Salvation Army.


 Light yellow vintage coat, with all the buttons.

 1970's maxi coat from Alice Inman Specialty Shop in Highland, North Carolina.

 Red corduroy smoking jacket. A Sea Island Treasurobe says the label.



 Pretty Pendleton woman's suit. Made in Portland

 Here's a close-up.

Another one with a cool pleated skirt.
Size 18 seersucker suit, that , of course, doesn't fit me. Damn woman's sizing!

 Men's suede jacket, missing the zip out lining.

Woman's Men's wear vest from Target.

3-piece Cricketeer suit from Family World in Cecil Ga

Not bad for a quick stop on the way the to supermarket. Geez, maybe I should open a store.

By the way, I will be posting photos of the Dying Swan costume, and some performance shots. The show open the first weekend of October.


  1. Love the yellow coat and fabulous suits! What a bargain!

  2. Oh, wow! You got some treasures! That pale vintage coat is beautiful! You gotta love sales like that. :)


  3. great finds! the yellow-ish vintage coat and the plaid suit are my favs.

  4. WOOHOO! Great scores, love the collar on that cream coat! XXX

  5. Yes, the yellow coat with the pretty collar is my favourite too, and the belted coat and Pendleton suit are fabulous too. xxxx

  6. Very impressed by this haul. Found myself calculating the ebay value of it all as I read.

  7. I love that yellow coat, not to wear, just to admire! Is the red one full length, then? I swoon! I've only got one floor length coat and it's black so it's destined for the next fair! xxx

  8. You've evisently appeasedthe thrift gods!! What an awesome haul!! The plaid pendelton suit is gorgeous!

  9. Dang! That amount of clothes at our Salvation Army (sale or not) would have have set you back at least $100!

  10. looking forward to see you pose in the clothes (and maybe in tha platsic bag aswell as they do in project runway)

    1. Alas, most of them don't fit me. But Ray has claimed the suit and the suede jacket.