Sunday, March 2, 2014

3 LINK-UPS IN ONE!!!!!!!!


Because I'm being very lazy. I'm doing a 3-fer.

First up: Share in Style: Music


 My favorite Pandora channel is 90's Grunge. So my t-shirt from Lollapalooza #2 seems right.

Second up: 52 Pick-up: Dress like your favorite cocktail. I like beer, so a dark brown dress will do. I promise I haven't been drinking a couple at work.

Third up: Hat Attack. In honor of the retirement/scholarship fund raiser yesterday, here is The Doctor and the head of our local Red Cross   rocking the hats.

The Doctor is also rocking his vintage suit which I got at a charity shop for $2!


  1. You are so good, I just join as I am, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    fabulous such a nohour to have you,

  2. The Doctor looks dishy!
    Ha, I'm far too lazy to do ANY links...
    I love the brown frock, too. Must be Autumn here, cos I am gravitating to those colours right now! XXX

  3. Cool t-shirt. A beer cocktail? There's a thought! xxx

    1. a glass of beer with a shot glass of whiskey dropped in is a Boilermaker. the Doctor went to Purdue University(mascot: The Boilermakers), see, it all fits

  4. I ALWAYS get a kick out of The Doctor's gorgeous vintage suits and jackets, he's the snappiest dresser around!! Lollapalooza #2???? You do really that any hipster worth their shredded boyfie jeans will rip that amazing tshirt off your back don't you? Long live RHCP!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  5. As a Hoosier, I'm familiar with Boilermakers. One should warn unwary foreigners that Purdue is a school for sturdy engineering types and hearty large-animal-vets in training...

    A $2 suit?! The Doctor is certainly looking spruce for a deuce! Well spotted and bought!

  6. I'd go with the beer, too! x

  7. The Doctor is truly divine in his ensemble topped with a wide brim! Ditto for the woman on his arm. Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack!

  8. There's nothing like a 3-piece suit! Especially one that fits and cost $2!!

  9. hurrah for grunge, beer and hats, a fabulous combo!!

  10. Ha! Love your beery picture. Utica, NY has a marathon called the Boilermaker (it's sponsored by the local brewery, Matt Brewing Co). Why do I know this? My sister participates in it, and a lot of my extended family lives around there.
    Thanks for linking up with 52 Pick-me-up! Cheers!