Friday, September 19, 2014


We went home a different route: Berkeley, Needles, I-20, Shrevesport-to-Lafayette, La, east on I-10

But first the photos that didn't want to be friendly yesterday and the rest of the stuff we bought.


 On Saturday I went thrifting with N & E. N and I have been thrifting buddies for over 20 years. E is still not sure she like's it, but it's slowly growing on her (they've only been married a couple of years) This hand painted jug was $1.99, there's no other markings. Any guess where it's from?

 Seen those crazy tassels hanging under placements in the housewares  department. I couldn't pass it up, that would have been rude. It was $4.95.

 I needed something to read in the car. So, now I smoke and speak with a French accent. Not really.

 Here's the stuff we bought on the road at different stops. The skull and little tile are from the Saddle blanket in El Paso, the little rug was free. The metal bird and magnet are from New Mexico. The sparkle amethyst and postcards are from Arizona.

 I love buying postcards, because I could never take photos that good. Sometimes the stores have old ones that are cool. These are from Louisiana, New Mexico, and Arizona.

 The Doctor collects armadillos, these placements are from the saddle blanket and were $1 a piece.

Now , on with the trip......

 You all know that California has a very large dessert? The Mojave  covers most of the southern part of the state. At the roadside rest are these signs.

 The Doctor standing under a joshua tree. Bono tried to photo bomb, but he didn't succeed.

The next day we drove across northern Arizona and it was much cooler. We stopped at Meteor Crater near Winslow. A huge meteor landed there 50,000 years ago. There's a interactive museum and a gift shop. It's where I got the hunk of amethyst.  

 I channeled my inner 12-year old boy and blew up the earth.

The crater is so big
it needs 2 photos.
It's 2 1/2 miles around and deeper
than a 60 story building.

We stayed the night in Gallup, New Mexico and headed for Texas.
 Lunch was at this local place in Santa Rosa, NM. Green chili enchiladas? Yes, please.

North Texas is flat and kind of boring, I didn't take any photos. We stayed the night  in Childress, which had  a lot of junk shops, but they weren't open. Boo Hoo. It pretty much rained the whole day. which cooled the weather off.

 Louisiana Welcome Center. Between Alexandria and Lafayette we drove through a 20 mile long rain storm. The rain was so heavy at times, we couldn't see out the window. We made it to Breaux Bridge without to much trouble.

 This fun store was right next to the hotel, but opened at 11am. Too bad we had an all day drive ahead of us. I want to go back!

 Funky Cajun charm. We had shrimp Po' boys from there for dinner. It's next to the art store.

Only in America? Next to the Po' boy restaurant, Greek and Lebanese! Both places were open, but we were really wanting some Cajun food.

That was our big adventure. Now back to real life. Hope you enjoy the photos. Come visit America, there's lot to see outside the big cities.


  1. That jug is similar to a pitcher and set of cups my mom had when I was a kid. She won it playing bingo at a fair. The pitcher had the same folk dancers on it and each little handleless cup/ glass had one dancer. I always believed that they were Polish or eastern European.

    1. thanks. I just buy stuff I like, but it's nice to know where something came from

  2. I'd have gladly sampled that Canjun dinner's menu with you, Thorne, and then trotted up the ramp for some Greek/Lebanese dessert! They do look tempting!

    Good to see you remain on alert for those useful "Poisonous snakes and bugs about!" signs. Did anyone tell you that the slithery types like to glide under the shade of one's vehicle whilst one lunches, then Zap! one when one wakens them by opening the door...? which explains my doing the Mrs. Slocombe-looking-under-the-bed routine when traveling in places where they lurk.

  3. You guys covered some serious miles and took in some killer sites! That meteor crater was insane I can't even imagine the size in person! Road trippin is something I rarely do, but this adventure looks like a blast! Aside from poisonous snakes and all. I grew up in southern CA and we would see rattle snakes a lot playing in the canyons. Scary lil beasts they are especially baby ones.
    This is how I imagine retirement.

  4. Yes, the figures on that jug certainly looks Eastern European, it's lovely. Good to know you are working to convert a non-thrifter!
    More fabulous photos of your trip - that crater, and the Mojave desert, look incredible. And all sorts of interesting places to shop and eat too! xxx

  5. Hey I live a little over an hour away from Shreveport, LA! That's where me and the husband go for date night sometimes. They have Greek food there.

  6. I'm dying of envy over your Afghani bag! The jug looks Eastern European - Hungarian, perhaps? A sweet tourist piece I'd have snapped up, too.
    Isn't that tree the Doc's standing by stunning? xxx

  7. ha, something told me you'd know where that bag came from.