Tuesday, November 25, 2014



Wandering around The Mission in San Francisco I was struck by how pretty it is. No dull gray city stuff here. The Mission is named after Mission Delores, which was founded in 1776 and is the oldest building in SF. Mission Delores in featured in the Hitchcock movie Vertigo (one of my favorite) The area was been the home to Hispanic people for forever. It's easy to get to on BART (19th and 24th street stations). Go, if you ever visit SF.

There's art everywhere.....

 This beautiful mural is on the side of a building. There's no information about the woman. She must have been well loved. RIP.

In a short ally off of 24th street are these wonderful murals.

 left side and right side

 I like how the artist painted roses on the sign post

Do you look up when walking?

 I would have missed this if I didn't.

 Glad to see the new business kept the old sign.

 The store were I got the Day of the Dead and Frida socks.

 Poetry happens , too.

The day after my birthday, I got kidnapped and taken to the Oakland Museum . It was the tail end of the annual Day of the Dead instillation. It's been happening for years.

 For the artists Father. The black screen is make out of metal.

The museum has stickers that are a pointing finger  that says "OK" which means you can touch whatever the finger is pointing at.

 or sit in. This chair is metal and is meant to depict the famous chair Bobby Seal of the Black Panthers sat in back in the early 1970's. You can see the sticker on the left

as you can see the two Child Brides sat in it. I swear we did not share notes on dressing alike.

Hope you enjoyed my vacation photos. Tomorrow is the return of Weird Doll Wednesday. 


  1. I love the colourful murals and that lovely tribute to that unknown lady! The chair is fantastic, what provenance! xxx

  2. The murals are so provocative, both on intellectual and emotional levels. What was the back story for that lady's portrait, one wonders! We have a Day of the Dead installation at a local artists' gallery that is stunning in its beauty -- but some of the notes are heartbreaking. As you say, Thorne, look up (and around) or you'll miss something worth seeing and thinking about.

  3. Thorne these rock! I lived in the mission district for a year in 1997, it was kinda crazy. I loved all the street art as you've shown here, I remember it everywhere even back then. It was s hard place for this white girl to love, back then the Mexicans and salvadorian gangs were everywhere, I'm sure things are better now.
    The DOD exhibit kicks ass, what a wonderful surprise! You look like a queen sitting in her Thorne.

  4. Amazing street art, and the museum exhibition looks great. xxx

  5. glad you've enjoyed so much color and art!, it looks amazing!!, and love all those pretty buildings!, SF looks a very interesting place to visit!

  6. I was there and loved it, there was a couple of awesome thrift stores, did you see them...