Wednesday, June 17, 2015



Native American tourist doll, probably Apache or one of the other Southwest tribes. These dolls were/are sold at roadside rest and souvenir stands. The souvenir stands are bi-polar, they have   cheap plastic dolls (like this) and some of them have real Native American made jewelery, pottery and other art. You really can't tell until you go in and look around.


Love the huge basket and large jingle bells.

I've been working for 8 days and it was good to know I didn't forget how to sew. Always...Patsy Cline opens tonight and, of course, I'll be posting photos. I made 2 dresses and yesterday started making Ursula's dress for The Little Mermaid.....sequin everywhere!


  1. I used to have a similar one, with a beaded turquoise necklace and a papoose on her back. xxx

  2. My mum has this doll or one very similar.
    A summer job? That sounds like fun, especially with a release date in the not-too-distant future. I'm glad you didn't forget how to sew! Heh. Making two dresses in ONE DAY? Gulp.

  3. Definitely an Apache maiden, given that blunt cut with band and neat boots. The basket is wonderfully crafted, but probably not by Apaches.

    Looking forward to seeing the pix from your summer gig. Still maintain you should be writing a book about costuming for small pro-am theaterical folks: "Thorne's 10-Foot Rule"!

  4. mmmm, that Ursula's dress sounds fabulous, all sequined and purple!