Saturday, August 1, 2015



Since 1995, the organization 100 Black Men of Valdosta have  hosted a cookoff the first weekend in August. There's nothing like getting bar-b-que from one of the cooks  (and taking it home and eating it in a/c comfort)

 The cook off takes place around the court house square. The bar-b-ques are a little, hmm, larger, than the one in your backyard. These guys are serious!


 This one looks like an antique.


 The guy in the black apron said to me "Get in closer"

 So I did. Jamaican jerk chicken.

 The Doctor with he's order of jerk chicken. Love the giant fans. It was very hot, so we did go home and eat. Lot's of people were sitting at the tables listening to the band.

 With all these awards, I had to try Sam's.

 Here's what we got: down South it's called a chicken sandwich because it has 2 slices of's half a chicken. The jerk chicken with Jamaican hushpuppies from Taste of the Island.

Guess it was good!


  1. That looks GOOD!!! Too bad we can't get the smoky aroma from your post too. Great photos. Well done on getting shots of the food before it was gone!

  2. Wow, they certainly mean business, those barbeques are massive! Wish I could share some, bet it was delicious. xx

  3. that looks delightful and funny!!
    massive bbqs and lots of jamaican chicken, wouu!!

  4. These oil drum BBQs are popular at festivals, too. Not that being a vegetarian I've ever eaten chicken! xxx