Monday, September 14, 2015


Hands up if you love to rummage through a thrift store!! Here's what I found in Charlotte over Labor Day Weekend.

A vintage tie and a cute 1/2 price swimsuit that fits. I haven't owned a swimsuit in 20 years. Seems pointless as I don't know how to swim, but for $2.25 it would have been rude to leave it.

A pretty scarf that is really red not orange.

A bag of vintage trim. Ball fringe, tassels and beads oh my!

Wonder who W. J. K. was? It's a little beat up but at $2.12 who's gonna complain?

Orange sweater with metallic yarn. This is a good example of why I buy  by fit not size. This sweater is a size 22/24. I usually wear an 18. Don't let sizing drive you crazy.

today's outfit : new skirt from Nordstrom's Rack $16. Thrifted Anne Taylor cardigan 50cents.

Awesome bag: won from Hollie Ramsey's giveaway

Jewelry: pocket watch necklace and spider under glass necklace are from Hot Topic. Silver earrings are from who knows, the moonstones are from The Doctor and the fake Greek eyes are from Michael's

Tiny pomegranate on my tiny pomegranate tree 

Found lamp base w/$3 shade.

BFF found the lamp base next to the dumpster at her condo and the shade was $3 at Goodwill. The lamp works.


  1. What a fab haul of notions, I'd have snapped those up too.
    Love the elephant bag. xxx

  2. Great thrift finds and I wish I could grow pomegranates over here in England!

  3. I agree, great haul!! It's always good to have an emergency bathing suit on hand. Don't ask me why. I love your new Nordstroms skirt too - there's a new store opening in Vancouver on Friday. And your cute little pomegranate must be admired daily.