Monday, February 8, 2016


The Doctor asked me to teach him how to cook. Ok, sounds like fun.

 Sauteing ground turkey for tacos.

 Ground turkey tacos with yellow rice. They came out really good.

 For Super Bowl Sunday: chicken souvlakia with tzatziki and salad. Good job with that too. It is funny watching someone really smart reading a recipe.

Yep, the Super Bowl happened  and it was ok. Lady Gaga did a really good job singing the National Anthem, which was a surprise. The half time show was lacking: Coldplay did their lackluster U2 impersonation. Not a fan.

The Dollar Tree (AKA everything's a $ store) was having a DVD sale. Found these 3.

 3 for $3? Yes, please.

A new thrift store opened. I checked it out one Saturday and found some treasure.

 A pretty blue made in Italy scarf, a 1972 plus sized pattern, and a pin. All for under $3.50

close up for the pin

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Well done to the Doc! His food looks great. You can put your feet up more now.
    Slumdog Millionaire (spent five days pointing at stuff & yelling - that was in Slumdog) & Notes on a Scandal are top films and the pattern is fab. xxx

  2. I agree: well done to the Doc!
    And I'm amazed you found those films for one dolar each one, yes, amazing!, and plus sized patterns!!, even more amazing!. Wish you enjoy your fabulous finds!!

  3. Kudos to the Doc for making the attempt and scoring a success!

    I'd have gladly paid $3 for the scarf alone. The pin resembles a Star Trek memento. Try wearing it to the movie(s) and see who salutes!

  4. I'm still waiting for that glorious day when my husband asks me to teach him how to cook. It'll never happen because he thinks he can. When we ere dating he once made me Hamburger Helper. He flavored it merlot. MERLOT in HAMBURGER HELPER.