Monday, September 26, 2016


Sounds like the perfect title to me.  Won these babies the other week at a auction. $31 for all three.

 This one works and has a matching hard plastic case, which you can see behind it.

 Funny what you can find used. I had this same typewriter back in the 1970's. I bought it brand new for I don't remember how much. Made in Italy and has a cloth zippered case. Needs repairing. But how could I not buy it?


This heavy bad boy was $5! Hard case that can be locked. Which I find funny, because if you were going to steal it, couldn't you just pick it up and carry it away? Most of the keys work, but I'm going to check at a local shop and see if I can get it fixed.


  1. Whoa!! These are some serious finds!! Well done. Hope you enjoy that clacking and whapping. Music to my ears.

  2. Well found! Once upon a time, a family member was working in a remote area of South America and sent out a call for a working manual typewriter. I zipped over to a local flea market and placed an order with "Fast Eddie Nyuen". One week later, I picked up a U.S. Army machine, new in box, with two ribbons and a pamphlet illustrating "how to"... Good ol' Eddie charged me only $20!

  3. Aw man, now I'm feeling all nostalgic. I remember the smell of my moms typewriter when I was a little girl.

  4. I've bought (and sold a few old typewriters), young children are particularly fascinated by them, their parents tell them that they are "antique laptops"! xxx