Tuesday, March 14, 2017


At least we don't get snow here.

 It was finally chilly enough to wear my Anne "Spy Girl" Bray scarf. And my forgot I bought it coat. Also wearing a forgot about it sweater and a head wrap I bought from a co-worker. I found a bunch of "forgotten" clothes when I did my bi-yearly closet/drawers clean out. Whatever I don't want anymore goes to charity.

About the self timer..........

 Art shot of the front steps and my Hello Kitty lunch bag.

When I said "sweat shop mode" the other week I wasn't kidding. Here's a taste of what I've been working on.

8 Empire/1820's chorus costumes. The lighter blue are the 7 that need their shirts attached. That's tomorrow and the next day. Then all 15 of then get sleeves. No wonder I feel like I've been making the same costume over and over.


  1. Very strange to see you all wrapped up but at least that scarf got an outing!
    Good luck with the sweat shop. xxx

  2. So strange to see you wearing a coat!. But it's a lovely coat, such an amazing brocade texture. And your headwrap looks fab too!
    I'm admiring that you made all those costumes, it looks like a really hard work to repeat same pattern so many times!