Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Let's get the boring stuff out of the way.......a hurricane named Irma flew over our town. We live far enough inland that she was a tropical storm by then. I hate wind. We lost power for 36 TV, no internet, no a/c. Good thing the storm cooled the area down. Power came back on at 8pm Tuesday. We're fine and no damage to our house.

My friend in Houston is still cleaning up the props storage at the theatre where she works. 10,000 square feet of storage will take a lot of time. She's been sending me doll photos.


Let's call this one Irma. There'll be more and more Game of Thrones scenes recreated coming soon.



  1. Glad you're safe and well!
    Game of Thrones means nothing to me but Irma's very pretty. xxx

  2. Good to know you escaped serious damage, Thorne. Hope the local theatre community can rally round your friends to assist in salvaging the props and costumes. Were I there, I'd offer them a washer/dryer and hanging space in a two-car garage. And all my big box fans.

    1. they had a company come in to help with the clean up. They could only save about 25%. Glass, plastic, etc. where cleanable. Anything wooden was sodden and was falling to pieces. Sad for them.