Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Another installment of Game of Thrones theatre. Battle of the Bastards edition. AKA, Jon and Ramsey fight over Winterfell. The Boltons took over Winterfell, home of the Starks and the Starks aren't happy about it.

 Sansa: will you listen to me, I was married to Ramsey! Don't trust him!

Jon: He has Rickon! We're going in.

Sansa: Good thing I have Plan B. Stupid men.

 Tormund: You should have listened to your sister.

 Ramsey: You can have Rickon back ( if he makes it) 

 Proceeds to shoot arrows as Rickon runs toward Jon.

Everybody watching: Zig zag, Rickon, zig zag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rickon is now a pincushion.

Jon Snow charger ahead, not listening to Sansa and gets into a pickle.

photo from HBO. Real horses, not CGI


 The bodies start piling up. Jon almost "drowns" in them.

 Sansa: Thanks, Littlefinger, for helping with Plan B and bringing The Knights of the Vale to the recuse.

Littlefinger: No problem, Sansa. Have I told you how much you remind me of your Mother, my one true love?

Sansa: Later, Dude. (inwardly cringing) 

After the Knights of the Vale show up, Ramsey high-tails it back to Winterfell with Jon, Tormund and Wun Wun the Giant in tow.

 Ramsey: Take that!  Killing possibly the last giant.

 Jon catches up to Ramsay and beats the holy hell out of him for about 10 minutes. At least it seemed like it. Ramsay get drug off the the dungeons.

Sansa shows and tells him he was a crap ass husband and turns he own dogs on he.  The Starks are back in control of Winterfell and all is good in Westeros.

Except the Winter is Really Coming and Cersei is still sitting on the Iron Throne.

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  1. Thorne, I would really enjoy browsing through the Goodwill $3/bag action figure department with you and some very young grand-nephews and -nieces! Methinks you could hatch a saga/bag!