Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Winter is coming. Well, around here it's more like get ready for summer.

 The Night King turned one of Dany's dragon into an ice dragon. How dare he!

Get back on and fly on out of here!

The couple of days between graduation and the start of PSST is a time I finish projects that are too time consuming during the school year. I've been sorting jewelry and fixing broken pieces. Man, my job is so awful, I get paid to play with jewelry. So far I've fixed about 2 dozen broken earrings and re-strung 4 necklaces. And I've sorted the earrings. Really, people? You don't know the difference between clip-on earrings and pierced? But now all the earrings are in the right boxes. At least I don't have to sort the huge button cabinet.......yet.

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  1. mwhaha, 'I get paid to play with jewelry', it sounds really awful!