Monday, October 1, 2018

A SHOW POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT!!!!!!!!

I know it's been awhile since I posted about a show. Our first one this year was called Hands on a Hardbody. The hardbody being a pick-up trunk that a dealership in Texas was giving away to the winner of a contest. The last person standing with their hand on the truck wins. It's based on a true event.                                                                                                                            
 Our talented student cast, a mix of freshmen and upper-classmen. male and female, Black and White.                                                                                                                                              
 The men: Terrance D. Searcy (Ronald), Brandon Chandler (Greg), Mark Sheme (Benny), Aaron Thomas Moore (JD), Daniel Lennox, Jr. (Chris), Melvin Galloway (Jesus), James Bohler Rowell, IV(Don, husband to Janis) and Savannah Kern (Virginia, wife of JD)                                                                                                                          
 The women: Diana McCasland (Heather), Taylor Gay (Kelli), Savannah Kennedy (Janis) and Liz Perez (Norma)                                                                                                                                  

Heather my have a leg up on winning. With Jared Watson (Mike) owner of the dealership.

 Janis suspects something is rotten in Longview, Texas.

 Cindy (Ursula Trassorras) tells Jesus that she'll need to see his "green card" if he wins. But he was "Born in Laredo"

 The last 3! Norma, JD and Benny. No spoilers!

 Oh, no! The last 2! Norma getting some much needed support from Ronald and Chris.   In this photo you can see the casters the truck was on so it could be spun around the stage. And the cover over the bed so the actors could jump on the truck. Yes, it's a really full size pick-up truck. The engine, transmission and gas tank were removed. The tires are real and the headlights work.

 Yep, our building has a loading dock, but it's not attached to the scene shop. Getting a full size truck into the building took about 3 hours. The 3 sets of doors had to be removed, the mirrors had to come off and the back bumper was removed. All the scene shop students can now put "auto body work" on their resumes.

After the strike, the truck was given to someone who towed it away for free. They wanted the body.

Bye, truck!

The photos are from Genny Muncy and Paul Levy.

The last 2 are from Phillip "We'll never get a truck up stairs to the Lab Theatre" Brulotte, our new Technical Director.

Esther Iverson designed the costumes, Noah E. Dalton designed the lighting, Ruth Brandvik designed the set. Jacque Wheeler directed. Oh, did I mention that this show is a musical?



  1. My compliments to you, Thorne, and the other members of the costume and hair-do crew! This cast would fit in nicely with the other patrons of the local Love Flying J truck stop. Pity they couldn't chew or smoke onstage...

  2. it's amazing to know how the truck had to be put into the building! I think it makes that everything look more 'realistic', enhancing that great job in the costumes, make-up and acting!