Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Episode 2, season 8 happened and nobody died? Looks bad for half the cast next week. Something happened that "broke the internet" and had people loosing their shit.                                                                                                                                         
These two characters, Gendry and  Arya Stark had sex. Really people? They have know each other since season 2. Ayra is no longer a 12-year old girl. Funny how she's been everybody's favorite character for 7 seasons when she was a faceless assassin, but on what could be the last night of her life she can't have a loving moment with her friend. Gee, grow up, people. BTW, the actor is a 22-year old woman, not a little girl. 

Next week I'll probably be having a RIP post for all the characters that died defending Winterfell. Until then, have a great week


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  1. mwhaha, it made me laugh to read that 'nobody died!' which is something New and Amazing!