Tuesday, July 16, 2019


The last 2 weeks of the 2019 summer stock build got crazy busy, than we went on vacation.

Because I haven't done a costume post in ages, I thought I'd show you my favorite costume this summer. Our season is Mamma Mia (all the shows have been sell outs, yeah!) Little Woman, yes there's a musical based on the Alcott book, and Crazy for You( hence the "crazy busy" remark). People will pop into the shop and tell us how much they love the costumes and ask where we get them. I always give them the same answer " It depends on the show". This summer we pulled/bought/borrowed/rented Mamma Mia, rented Little Woman, and built/pulled/borrowed/rented Crazy For You. Mamma Mia is sent in Greece in modern day, Little Woman is Civil War 1860's New England and Crazy for You is 1930's. No way do we have time to build crinolines, frock coats and the 64 costumes that are in Little Woman. We rented the costumes from Maine State Theatre and Wardrobe Witchery. This is my favorite costume from Maine State.


 Yes, this sad looking peasant dress worn by the hag in Jo Marchs story.

 It's raggedy, have been distressed and seen better days. So, why do I love it so much?

 Look how those bars are sewn on! There all the way down the back of the bodice and on the sleeves. The ribbon at the side we sewed on because the dress was a little bit too small for the actor and no way in Hell are we moving those bars.

 The skirt was sown on with cartridge pleating. Beautiful hand work. And there's this:

The original label!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How does a theatre company in the state of Maine get a costume from the Royal Opera House in London? I've done some image research and can't find any photos from this Falstaff or who Pobjoy might be. Anybody ever heard of an actor with that name?

Speaking of the 2019 season, it all ends next Sunday. Only 8 more shows, then goodbye. There's a few weeks before the Fall 2019 semester starts and we do it all over again. I'm looking forward to Othello in November.



  1. The Royal Opera house has regular sales of surplus costumes - as does the Royal Shakespeare Company, they pop up a lot on Ebay.x

  2. Two local community theatres are presenting "Mama Mia" this month. One even noted on their playbill that they'd paid 2,500USD for the rights: is this a bargain price, or is everyone inspired by the heat wave to do Greece and beach?

  3. Hi - I googled and found this page https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/opera-happy-birthday-dear-garden-1282809.html mentioning "and Nada Pobjoy from Emby, plucked from the obscurity of a parish choir" in the same article mentioning the Royal House of Opera London. So I would guess she is oneo of the singers in the Operatic Comedy "Falstaff". Meg

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