Friday, September 14, 2012


Neil and Elissa's front porch. No, I'm not holding the wedding gift
My skirt and top by Peter Nygard. The Doctor's outfit made by me. The tie from a thrift store and the shirt is from Dillard's

Welcome Ray and Christie Shelley!

Custom Chucks.

The dress back. Christie's been a jock all her life, hence the amazing back

My nephew, Joe The Doctor (MD) and the lovely Lina

Straight outta Black Rock, my niece Michelle and her man Craig. Michelle works at Burning Man.

Another niece! Kay and Danny, their wedding is next! The necklace belonged to Kay grandmother.

The Doctor and his sister Karen AKA Mother of the Bride. Can't believe I didn't get a photo of Father of the Bride! Sorry Mike!

Family, ya got to love 'em! The Doctor, brother Gary, Gary's wife Misty and Danny

Misty and her beautiful girls. Look another niece! That's Shila, mother of the twins, who I didn't get a good photo of, sad face

Damn photo bombers! Vanessa the brides maid who caught the flowers and plays a mean bagpipe. Me and Hula. And the bar

Grandma Misty.

Yummy Mexican food from Picanta, hope I spelled that right

Cutting the cake

The cake. The groom made the glass flowers and we got them as gifts

First dance

The grooms grandmother!

She's rocking it!

Every wedding needs a pinata

She killed it!

On Monday, Neil and I went thrifting. I found this table runner at Thrift Town in San Leandro. Slim pickings, but I was secretly happy I didn't find a tons of stuff I couldn't take on the plane

A ton of jewelry Elissa gave me.
 We had to get up at 3:30am to take the rental car back and get to the airport by 5:30 am. I'll admit I was nervous about flying on 9/11, but it was fine. We got home around 9pm, a long day indeed.


  1. Looks like a really good do! Love the cut-out back of the bride's dress. And look how smart the two of you look! xxx

  2. I love your outfit! That skirt & belt are divine. And the bride & groom look simply wonderful! I love a wedding where it looks like everyone is happy & having a great time.:)

  3. You look brilliant! What a fab do, the bride's dress is lovely! x

  4. love the photos! the wedding dress is amazing!