Friday, September 21, 2012


Pine tree that was in front of the FAB. If it would have fallen the other direction, it would have hit the building. Photo be Julie Bowland
It pulled the power lines in front of our building down, but strangely, the power stayed on

One of my co-workers. She's about 5'4". It was a really tall tree

The other tree at the entrance to the parking lot

The first tree,looking towards the building

The parking lot tree. Yes, it's twisted! Photo by Julie Bowland

Around the corner from my house
The parking lot tree. You can make out the car next to the man in the yellow slicker. The driver wasn't hurt and her car wasn't damaged. Luck her.

My front yard. Missed my friend's car.

The clean-up is still going on. Photo by Julie Bowland. There was another tree that blocked the street in front of the university. It was lucky nobody was injured and no buildings were damaged.  This wasn't a hurricane, just a pop-up thunderstorm that blew thought in about 30 minutes.


  1. How awful, I hate seeing felled trees. Hope the weather's picked up now! x

  2. wow....glad to hear that nobody was hurt and the FAB is ok. That twisted tree has a sculptural quality to it.


  3. Goodness, so much damage in half an hour! Glad to hear there were no casualties other than the poor trees. xxx