Thursday, November 22, 2012


What a strange meal. Instead of a photo of food, this is the flyers that were in today's newspaper. I avoid Black Friday like the plague.
This handsome fella is my friend (and VSU Theatre alumni) David Rossetti. He's on BROADWAY(!!!!!!!) dancing in Annie. This is from the Macys Parade

I totally geeked out, set up the tripod and took a bunch of photos. That's Annie and Daddy Warbucks in front. David's holding the box

When one of our alumni do well, it makes me so happy. All the hard work we do paid off.

More birthday love got delivered right after I posted the other day. This bundle of joy is from my BFF of 30+years, Marlene

The fashion book was from the Dollar Tree, aka Everything's A $1 Store.

Page 200 is all about Charlotte. Doesn't she look like Patti Smith?

Homemade art and tiny India charms

Gifts from The Boss.

I'd forgotten I'd ordered this. Grace Coddington is probably the reason I read Vogue.
I have a total of 5 days off, and I won't be going near the mall side of town. My finger are crossed that nobody gets trampled, tased, pepper sprayed or killed. Calm down, it's just stuff. PS; I did make turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and apple crisp. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Yes, stuffing - much better than stuff. Thanks for showing your lovely gifts! How wonderful! Congratulations to your friend on his theatrical success.

  2. That chick does have a look of my darlin' Patti about her. Fab pressies. x

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
    Have a fabulous weekend, my dear friend