Friday, November 30, 2012


Why, you ask?  Yesterday when I tried to load the photos I took of the campus over break, I got a pop-up that said my storage was at 100%.  So now what do I do? Assistant #2 will be over on Thursday to help me out. But any help offered, I'll take. I'm pretty lame when it comes to computers. I surprised myself when I figured out how to post photos! And I can't figure out how to put the badges on  my blog either. Ha, it's probably really easy. Have a wonder weekend.


  1. Buy more storage, it's so cheap it's almost free. Adding badges? Copy the code - go into design- select layout -add a gadget - select "add a picture" from the box of options that pop up - paste your code in and that should be that! x

  2. Vix has all the answers, she's a genius!
    Have a happy weekend. xxxx