Monday, May 27, 2013


We've been a busy bunch all week. Sound of Music opens on June 1.

One rack of alterations..........

then two more..........

 And another one!!!!!!! This is pretty much the costumes for A Little Night Music

It's sad when a co-worker goes crazy

We worn wigs on wednesday

The rest of the photos are from PSST!'s Facebook page

 We have a fella working with us this summer

 See, I'm working.

 Co-worker regain her sanity!

 Busy, busy, busy

 Our wig person. She has around 30-40 wigs to style and maintain. Oh, and she's in 2 of the shows

 A reminder.

At the end of the school year, I made the thread board neat and tidy.       

Happy Memorial Day!   I'll post some costume photos some.


  1. Am I unrealistic if I think it is wonderful to work with costumes?

  2. That is a shed load of fabulous costumes and a mountain of work for you guys to get to grips with if the little bits of paper pinned to some of the garments are anything to go by. I'm so chuffed you all joined in on the Wig Wednesday action, you all look fabulous. Well done on keeping that thread board so impeccably neat and tidy, come to think of it I could really do with one of those. At the moment all my reels are kept in two vintage cut glass an almighty mess, och!
    I can tell from these pics that the whole team are doing a sterling job and what would the working week be without a little craziness thrown in every now and again ;)

    1. the paper are work tickets. The staff can go through the rack and pick out the alteration they can do. It's one of the ways to keep track of what has to be done

  3. It must be so lovely to have a guy to work with, I always find men bring a bit of calm in an all-woman workplace ... oh god, someone's going to KILL me for saying that! xoxo

    1. haven;t had a male helper for awhile, he's doing a good job

  4. Love the photo of everyone in the wigs! And what a wonderful thread board.

  5. Wow - you have been busy! I'll take a Sound of Music curtain dress please!

    Sarah xxx

  6. Love the BTS photo's!! can't wait to see the costumes!

  7. I wish I was there, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh