Monday, May 20, 2013

 HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!!!!

I'm happy because we all got the day off. After a long week we needed it. Over Mother's Day weekend we went on a 4-day vacation to visit my BFF.  Of course, that means us ladies went shopping and Ray want hiking.

On Friday morning Ray did take me to IKEA, as my BFF had to work. I got this big pillow in the as-is room for $10. It's sitting in an antique goose neck rocker I found at a local charity shop for $25. When I took it to get re-finished the guy told me the chair was worth around $800.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Yeah, more jewelry. The gold pin and the icon bracelet were a buck a piece at a yard sale. The blue skull necklace is from Vera Wang Princess, which is a children's line. That and the rest are presents from the BFF.

 3 books, $3. Who knew Edith Head wrote an advice book? It's from the 1960's

Here's one of the drawings from the Edith Head book. The lady (she looks like Ulla-Marie) is very upset that her man is not dressed for the cocktail party.

 old patterns 10 cents a piece and a 2-disc Sweeney Todd DVD  form $1

3 vintage hats, $2 a piece. The tan ones is straw, the one creeping up Roxie is blue velvet with netting. It was hard to get a good photo of it. The third one is also velvet.

 Roxie showing off her Vera scarf, ala The Great Gatsby.

 Unlabeled silk scarf and 2 ties. The narrow one is vintage and the other one still has the $45 price tag from Brooks Brothers. We went to 3 thrift stores and they all had racks and racks of beautiful ties. Why do men buy new ties?

 Mint green 2-piece "Helga" dress from Sear's.

 Score! Black rayon velvet dress in MY SIZE!!!!!!!!!!! $2!!!!!!! I'd be wearing it right now if it wasn't hot and humid. Damn, I'll have to wait until fall

Nanna sweater in teal. No side seams or label.  I wore this on Monday when it was cool.

 Here's a close up

 A man's sweater from the 1960's.  That was Saturday morning. We had lunch at a dim sum restaurant called "Dim Sum". It's on Central in Charlotte, N. Carolina.  Besides a lone man, we were the only non-Asians in the place. The last time I had dim sum was in San Francisco about 20 years ago. This place was just as good.

 After lunch. we went to Nordstrom's Rack. The large hairflower was $4 and the 2 other flower's are from Ikea and they were $3

 Got a new pair of boots from DSW.  Cowboyish and embroidery? Yeah, makes sense that they'd be from a company called London Rebel.

 Oh,no! I've been reduced to taking selfies in the bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember these from a couple of months ago? The $4  Prada's now have a new home with the BFF. She got an early birthday gift. It's been a busy week but I was able to snap a few photos of what we've been doing. So stay tuned. Until next time!


  1. What scores! Love the Helga-esque suit, the patterns and the Edith Head book and the mystery at Pere Lachaise looks very interesting. x

  2. I seriously need to go thrifting with you!! WOW on all of your goodies!

    1. Guess what I did on my day off? 1/2 price day at Goodwill!

  3. So many nice things. The chair - wow! And the scarves - love it etc etc ...

  4. I've actually READ that Edith Head book! Lots of treasures in this post--I love the boots, especially. But I want to see you in the "Helga" dress soon.

    1. That dress will not fit, maybe next year. It's good to have you back

  5. You did well! Love the velvet dress, the Helga suit, and all the hats. The Edith Head book looks great, what a fabulous illustration, and your reupholstered chair is beautiful. xxx

  6. I am drooling at your scores! I love the cuff, the starfish necklace, and those ties! I've been collecting ties- and yeah, I have to pay up to $8 at thrift stores (not $1) for good silk vintage ties. I don't know why men buy new ones, but I do know they are so fun to collect.

  7. That chair is awesome! Don't you love finds like that? And then the pillow looks great. You found some great things. You are so right, that pic does look like Ulla-Marie! I am glad you enjoyed your time off!!