Monday, August 19, 2013



The first week back from summer break is always crazy. All the costumes,wigs and whatevers from PSST have to be dealt with.  My outfits all week consisted of what I could wear that wouldn't get covered in wigs hair, sweat and I could rummage around and sort through lots of boxes. Spent one day brushing out wigs, another moving boxes, yet another checking in dry cleaning (all $1500 worth) and sorting costumes to send back where they came from. Ah, the glamorous life of show biz. And it rained every afternoon. All the shows have been cast, I had a design meeting this morning for the 3, yes, 3 dances I'm designing, and we start week 2. I did manage to get some thrifting in between the rain this weekend.

 I got this sweet hat for $3 at the hospice store. I always buy hats, even if it's just for the trimmings.

 Don't you think it goes well with the new to me fake fur coat I won on-line?

                      I'll be a trend for winter.

                      Check out the collar.

 Dollar books and a 99cent tie. The 99cent sale at Slavation Army was still going on. The books are from The Dollar Tree

 This jacket reminds me of Bella Q from Citizen Roesbud

      I'll have to wait a couple of months to wear this skirt.                      

An almost brand new carry-on for $5!









Years ago I worked in a more office place and one of my co-workers used to dis me for buying second hand/thrift shop clothes. Her belief was that if I bought it "poor people" wouldn't  be able to buy it.  Her thinking was,  I  guess, that  people with jobs should only shop for new stuff, because  poor people couldn't afford to.  I just thought she was a rude, snob and had probably never set foot in a thrift store ( some of them are huge) Has anybody else ever run into this from a co-worker or friend?

Wish me luck on the 3 dances. We're also doing As You Like It by some guy called William something or other.



  1. Love the hat and coat!!! Sounds like you have a busy season ahead!!
    Yep--that is a Bella coat--LOVE it!!

    I have a co-worker who looks at me like I'm crazy for thrifting and anothe who's an avid thrifter. People are too dumb to realize the MONEY spent at the thrifts FUNDS programs for the poor and disadvantaged!!

  2. Phew, sounds as thoughnyounhad been very busy!
    But never too busy for a little thrift shopping, right? That coat is amazing, what a find.
    Most of my friends are really into charity/secondhand shopping, and I take credit for converting one of them, who had never bought anything from a charity shop, never even been in one, until she met me. I think there will always be some people who are sniffy about it, for whatever reason, although the rationale given by your co-worker is decidedly odd. From my experience, there are more than enough secondhand goods to go round everyone, whatever their budget, and as Tamera said, the money all goes to good causes. I wonder what her REAL issue is with thrift shopping. I think lots of people still see it as something embarrassing or shameful. Ha, more fool them, and all the more bargains for us! xxxxx

  3. Good luck for the dances! sounds thrilling and exhausting - I love charity shopping,it's such a useful and practical way to shop, I am doing well on my winter knitwear ( about 7 items and will have spent under £15)and my kids love it - I don't know whether in the past it had a stigma attached but Curtise and Tamera are right, some people are daft x

  4. it seems you've been really busy, but your thrifting time was pretty successful!, that fake fur coat is delightful and love that 'bella-style' plaid jacket! fabulous purchases!
    and I'm shocked about your ex-coworker strange ideas, because I always think that my money is well expended when I buy something at a charity shop, it's for charity!
    I've received many disrespectful comments from people who thinks second hand goods are filthy, wtf, they're ignorant!

  5. Yeah, I've learned to keep my clap trap shut on my fantastical thrift shop finds (and just post them on my blog). I have an amazing wardrobe from schlepping through all the JUNK.

  6. That coat was a great find! Love the collar.
    Your carry-on case is bigger than the bag I put in the hold!
    No, I've always managed to convert my colleagues, those that don't get it like your workmate is obviously a deluded snob. x

  7. You won that amazing coat??? The hat is definitely a "look" that will catch on. The rest of the year is going to fly by for you, what with Bill's play and all. I guess your anti-thrifting colleague is still stuck in her boring office job? xoxo

  8. Love the hat and the coat! Your job sounds far more interesting and glamorous than working in an office!