Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hello, everyone!

      Yep, on Monday all the meeting for fall semester start. Luckly, because I'm "staff", I really don't have to go to any of them. I do go to the convocation that the President has tomorrow morning.  Yesterday, we hit a couple of charity shops. The Sallies was having a back to school sale....everything was 99cents! Sadly I only found 2 things.



 I wore this dress I bought last summer.  I'll show you what I bought in a minute.

 The aloe vera plant I got at a yard sale years ago has bloomed again.

 The half price hibiscus is going nuts. Not bad for a $6 plant!
 Not so happy tomato plant. It blew over in the wind and I didn't have any duct tape. Maybe it'll work.

 I was wearing the best anniversary gift ever. Ray got me this awesome Alexander McQueen bracelet a couple of year ago. 
My latest yarn bomb project
 It took forever ( well, 4 months) During summer stock, I didn't feel like knitting when I got home. I was going to do all 4 posts, I've  rethought that. One's enough.
 I didn't forget: here's what I got.

A new dress. It not black, it's dark blue and made of rayon.  And cost $6.
                     99 cent cookbook from 1964

 These are from Target. I couldn't pass up 50cent crayons.

 One of the 99cent items I got at the Sallies. One more and I can call it a collection of straw totes.
The other thing I got was this blouse. Which makes this a $3 outfit. I got the jeans awhile ago at Hope Thrift for $2. I always look for 100% cotton jeans. I don't like how the ones with stretch slide down after you wear them for a couple of hours. 

That cabinet next to me is my Cabinet of Wonder, AKA Shelves Full Of Crap. I got it at World Market, and maybe one of these days I'll show you what's in it.

Stay cool!


  1. I love that the tourist souvenirs you get in the States are from the Bahamas, Hawaii and Mexico - so exotic compared to ours from Spain.
    Love the yarn bombing and that stunning McQueen bangle. x

  2. OMG I love the bag!!!! I saw some yarn bombing in the weekend - also on the post of a shelter - and had to explain to my family what it was. They did not really understand. I totally understand and I think it looks awesome. Your cabinet of wonders sounds intriguing and I would love to see in it.Hope you have a great week :-)

  3. Yay yay the yarn bombing looks amazing.....well done.
    I to love the new tourist bag....they are so much fun when you find them.
    The rayon dress is lovely and you will great in it....look forward to seeing you wear it.
    Love V

  4. Ooo, I need to see your shelves full of crap. I have a couple of drawers full of crap but I firmly believe that your crap is of MUCH HIGHER QUALITY than mine, in fact, not crap at all.
    Everything here is noteworthy - bracelet, wow; $5 outfit, wow; plants, dresses, bag...all wow. The yarn bombing, you outta get a key to the city.

  5. Oh yes, you should definitely show us the contents of your Cabinet of Wonder!
    Love seeing your plants, your purchases (nice dress) and your fabulous bracelet. xxxx

  6. Oh yes show us your CRAP!!

    Love the new dress-gorgeous!1 you got some nice goodies this weekend!!

  7. Your aloe and hibiscus are doing awesome!!! Hoping your tomato pulls through! We have the same thrifting taste. :) I would have definitely grabbed the cookbook, and tote and I'm particular about jeans, too. Excellent finds!!!

  8. I will dream about that bracelet from now on, I adore it! I have seen a few Jessica Simpson dresses at goodwill lately, not my size but they looked cute, vintage inspired for sure. I like yours with the t shirt.

  9. 0.99$ Sally? Wow! we get half price sale, still ok but not as great as yours! I love the Alexander McQueen bracelet, ouf! what a gift

  10. Nice polka dot dress, very floaty and sheer ideal for the heat.That straw bag is awesome.Love McQueen skull bracelet. Your aloe plant is gorgeous.Yes! show us your stuff.