Wednesday, November 20, 2013



 Say "Hello" to a fancy lady.

 And what I really got for my birthday. The post about the heater/AC unit was a joke. We did have to replace the 25-year old unit and it just happened at the same time.

 Because One can not have too many black and white dresses. I got this one with the birthday money my father-in-law sent. It's from Tahari and was $100 off! And a size 14W, thanks vanity sizing!

A huge bottle of John-Paul Gaultier perfum, I wear this everyday because I like to smell nice. Yeah, I play video games. The sparkle book is a journal. I've been keeping one, on and off, since high school. The bag is from Anthropology and was 50% off plus 15% off with the birthday coupon.

Do you sign up for the free rewards programs that stores have? I do, if it's a store I like to shop at. World Market, DSW, Sephora, and Anthropology all have free reward programs. DSW, Sephora and Anthropology send you birthday coupons (the 15% coupon).  I don't like the ones that charge you to join. 

We didn't make it to the Full Moon bonfire on Saturday, had way too much fun earlier in the day at early Thanksgiving at a friends house. Of course,  didn't take photos. I feel that if I'm a guest at someone else's home it's rude to pull out my camera and start snapping away. 

3 more days until real Thanksgiving break!




  1. I thought it was a good present!
    I don't think we have such programmes in the Uk, mind you I don't buy new so I wouldn't know. x

  2. can't go wrong with paying $46 for a $150 dress either.

  3. Lovely gifts, that's a great dress. xxx