Wednesday, February 12, 2014



I think this is a Russian doll. If it is, this is a tribute to Sochi 2014!!!!! If not, oh well.

This is another one taken with the old camera. Or, maybe I got better at taking photos? 

I have been watching the Olympics. I enjoy snowboarding, figure skating and speed skating. The rest, not so much. Although I do think it's strange to hold a  winter sporting event in a city with palm trees.

About those outfit posts.......well, I've been really busy with work and have been putting most if not all my effort towards getting that show done. And sortenizing ( sorting and organizing) my house for the upcoming listing it for sale. Where did all this crap come from? The car trunk is full of stuff to donate. When we went to the donation drop on Sunday, we were 2 hours early and have yet to find time to go back.

When the shows opens, in a week, I promise to have an interesting post about turning modern suits into Regency (think Jane Austin) costumes. Until then, have a lovely week!

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  1. Sortenizing - I like it - and actually been doing lots of it oo. Also taking carloads to give away or recycle and asking where did it all come from!
    Love Jane Austen, and Regency - so looking forward to that post.