Friday, February 14, 2014


Not a big fan of guilt trip "holidays" , so here's an outfit post!!

I took this after work, as I've been having a hard time getting the light in the house right. It's been either to dark, to bright or just plain hot mess. A coat from the 80's.

 It wraps across the front, has a snap at the shoulder pad, then the other side hooks at the other shoulder. It does not have a lining. I love the color.

 It was made in France. MTW found it at Buffalo Exchange in San Francisco about 15 years ago and gave it to me as a gift. It reminded her of me.

 It was a 2 sweater day, so I'm wearing a purple funnel neck Anne Klein sweater  bought at Dillard's (on sale) and a funky cardigan I knitted.

Here's a better look at the sweaters. Yes, that's a cheap plastic swizzle stick holding the sweater closed.

 Token shot of the living room. Because I'm nosy and so are you.  Both the living room and dining room have strange walls. The wall where the table is sitting is on the diagonal , the wall behind the blue chair goes north and south, the wall behind the wooden chair goes east and west. The dining room does the same thing on the other side of the house. I've never seen that before.

The wooden  arm chair was found at a church sale in the mid-80's, I think it cost $4. It has ugly yellow vinyl on the 2 cushions, which I've recovered with scrape fabric. The 2 green pillows are thrifted. The gold table was from a yard sale, it wasn't gold when I got it. Underneath is a basket turned cat bed, also from a yard sale. The blue chair was free from a friend, and has been in need of recovering for years, It's (badly) covered with throws after being used as a giant cat scratch post. The rug's from ebay.  The lamp and curtains were bought new. 

The year has been a bit of a whirlwind. The forth show that I've worked on opens next  Thursday. And I promise to post about how to turn a modern suit into a Regency costume. I think we've done that to 4-5 suits. It should be interesting, so stay tuned.

Have a safe and warm weekend.


  1. That's a fabulous coat, lovely colour, and you match your curtains beautifully! xxx

  2. Gorgeous coat, the colour is wonderful! What a cosy room behind you, too. xxx

  3. I really like the style of your room,it looks very inviting and comfortable. I am not sure I have ever experienced "two sweater" weather. Hope you are keeping warm :-)

  4. The coat is a marvel -- style, color and a good fit! The same compliments apply to your charming living room. Those of us who love old houses, old furniture and cats of all ages do tend to collect fabrics and baskets... Once upon a time I knew a very grande dame who possessed two genuine Georgian arm chairs covered in green satin damask, and green terry facecloths neatly safety-pinned to the front corners "for the cats."

  5. That green coat is too cool! And from what I've seen so far you're house must be a hip boho pad!

  6. I like the green coat, nice color for you and you knitted that funky cardigan? wow! love it, i love how you took a stick to close the sweater -

  7. That sweater coat is amazing love the color and that it's warm too! Your home looks so cozy i can picture you two just chillin!

  8. Love the coat _and_ the sweater. Teach me to knit!