Tuesday, July 1, 2014


First off, this is the final pose for "Jolly Holiday". For some reason it went missing from yesterday's post.

Now, ACT II. Mr Bank's got suspended from his job, because he gave the loan to the nice man who wanted to open a factory and not the sketchy guy.
 Mrs. Brill is dusting the heirloom vase that might have to be sold so the family can keep the house.

 In an attempt to make Mr. Banks happy, Mrs. Banks tracked down a surprise for her husband....................................

 he's childhood nanny, Miss Andrews (Renita James) Because he's children are a handful, his been raving about her for forever.

 Instead of a spoonful of sugar, she has "Brimstone and Treacle"
See that bottle stopper? Our props artisan, Jonathan Willis, made it with a 3D printer! The bottle also glows.

 Such a lovely woman,  nicknamed The Holy Terror. The kids runaway to the park.

 They run into Bert.

 A pretty dance and song called "Let's Go Fly A Kite" happens. The kite gets away only to be recused by.................

 Mary Poppins, who just happened to be flying by. (Ok, she's magic)

 The Park Keeper (Robert McFletcher) Has been yelling at Bert and the kids for littering and Mary tells him to button up his coat and tuck in his shirt. Miss Bossy Boots! They give him the kite and head back home. Our cutter/draper Steven Graver made the red coat.

 Back at home it's a Nanny Bitch Slap Smack Down

 Of course, Mary Poppins wins and sends Miss Andrews packing.

Mary and the kids go up stairs and hear a strange noise coming from the fireplace, faster than you can say "flue powder" they're sucked into the chimney and out onto the rooftops.

 Were a whole bunch of chimney sweeps bust into a crazy mad tap number called "Steps in Time". Because of some legal reasons, we're not allowed to post video of our productions. This is a crying shame, because this number is amazing! You'll just have to take my word for it

 Yes, Bert taps upside down and across the stage!

 I love the costumes for this number. They are part of the rental and are ripped, torn, repaired and "dirty" to make them look real.

 Mr. Banks gets called into the bank. And it's good news! He gets a promotion and a raise! The sketchy man turned out to be sketchy and causes the rival bank to loss $$$. Mr Bank's boss is  happy about that and so are the rest of the bank employees.

Mary's work at the Bank's house is done and she flys back to Hogswort's or where ever she's from.

So that was Mary Poppins, we got it up and open in 3 weeks! The sets, the dancing, singing, lighting, costumes and flying around took 3 very long weeks. The cast and crew did a bang up job. Even more impressive when you learn that the 2nd show opened 2 week later and the 3rd show opened a week after that one. 6 weeks to mount 3 large musical. And we've been doing it for 25 years! Yeah us!


  1. Great photos from Mary Poppins! You are a very talented woman and I am thankful that you shared a chapeau with Hat Attack.

  2. I love the upside-down and flying. And who can resist a good Nanny Bitch Slap Smack Down. Ha! Thanks again for these photos. This looks like a complicated musical - I can't believe you guys pull these off so quickly! Awesome.

  3. it's an amazing show, and you're so talented, it's incredible you put up all that show in just a few weeks.
    everything looks magnificent, love the colorful clothes!

  4. Man that all looks so awesome!!!! I love everything about it!