Thursday, July 3, 2014



Smokey Joe's Cafe is a review show, also called a "jukebox"show. All the songs are by  Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, mostly from the early '60's.  There's no plot or storyline, just 40 (yes, 40) oldies. The 9 singers in the show are also in the other 2 productions. It's fun to see how different they look in all 3 shows. The cast:

Jared Brodie           Renita James         Robert McFletcher

Micheal Byrne         Tanisha Moore       Cedric J. Paige

Desiree Dillon            David E. Foster       Megan Wheeler

unless noted, the photos were taken by Genny Wynn.

 The cast at the opening of the show " In The Neighborhood"

 The quartet: Robert McFletcher, Cedric J. Paige, David E. Foster and Jared Brodie

 The Ladies, can you spot Mary Poppins, Mrs. Corry, Mrs. Banks and Miss Andrews/Queen Vic from Mary Poppins?
Megan Wheeler, Tanisha Moore, Desiree Dillon and Renita James. This photo is by Paul Leavy

 Micheal Byrne joins in for "Poison Ivy", lord it'll make you itch.

 Tanisha telling "Don Juan" when the money's gone so is she.

" Shopping for Clothes" dancing with the giant suits.

 Cedric J. Paige and the awesome suits rented from UCONN. Thanks!

 Desiree (Mrs. Banks) "I Keep Forgetting"

 "D W Washburn" is.......................................................................


 The cast at the start of Act II "Baby, That Is Rock and Roll"

 Desiree "Pearl Is A Singer". Also by Paul Leavy.

Ever wonder what Mary Poppins does on her Wednesday off?

She's teaching dancing, "Teach Me How To Shimmy"

 Megan, Micheal, and all the fellow's in the house enjoyed the lesson. I made that dress.

 and the fellows in the show enjoyed "Little Egypt"

 Tanisha has another solo. "Some Cats Know"

 Megan, Micheal and David rocking "Jailhouse Rock"

 Who needs men in black when we have men in silver?

 oh, no, here comes "Trouble".

 Enjoying the club.

That's not all the songs in the show, just the ones that have the best visuals. If I did a photo of every song this post would go on for days. Stay turned for show #3, 42nd Street!

Enjoy the holiday!


  1. The red shimmy dress is spectacular! And I love the giant suits (like David Byrne in Stop Making Sense!) xxx

  2. wouuu, love that red shimmy dress too, the lovely mary poppins looks spectacular wearing it!!!, sassinesss!!!!!

  3. That dress! It's your masterpiece, Thorne! Talk about a costume that works! It should have its own equity card.

  4. That red dress oh la la!
    Tks for leaving a comment on my blog, nice to know that you are not forgotten