Friday, February 27, 2015




Polar fleece and sweat pants? Right.

 Velvet dress and a velvet coat is more like it.

 Both the dress and coat are thrifted. The purple legging are old as dirt and the blue scarf is from Morocco (no I've never been there) it's so old I forgot I had it! Boots are from DSW and the heart necklace was my Valentines gift. It's Betsey Johnson and was 40% off 50%, so it was $8.

Mr. Scooty approves of the cuddle blanket.

I've found a couple of bargains at the thrifts lately
 This pretty McCoy planter was 50cents!

 Lovely guide to London. There's on date on this, the graphic cover is to cute . 5', how much is that?

 Inside the front cover was this note "page 40-41". The book has ready good maps. What could be on those pages?

 Who ever owned this book wanted to make sure they knew where Soho was. They even drew a pencil outline around it.

 This sweat box was only a buck. On the bottom it says "Everything Export Florance" Too pretty to pass up.

A kids biography of Ben Franklin from 1968. It left out the racy bits.

The sun came out today for the first time in 3 days. Rain but no snow, so I shouldn't complain. Stay warm and Spring is just around the corner or hiding in a warehouse somewhere.

About the trip to the sporting goods store, The Doctor needed some new tube socks. It was fun, I didn't buy anything.  



  1. Don't you look fab? I love that coat!
    5 shillings? That means your London guide is pre-1971, when we became decimalised.
    Great scores and Mr Scooty is gorgeous! xxx

    1. Pre-1971! I knew someone from Britain would know!

  2. Excellent velvet coat and dress - perfect to liven up a sporting goods store. I haven't heard the words tube socks in ages, so that was a welcome surprise as well. You can't beat them for getting the job done. Mr. Scooty has the right idea. He knew you made that just for him after all.

    1. the beauty of tube socks: when they wear out,you can put them on and "mop" the floor or dust.

  3. Had I encountered you in the store, Thorne, I'd have found the nerve to step forward to 'pat' that gorgeous coat! What a luscious color! And the detailing on the boots adds exactly the right note of "This is what I wear to work The List -- no sweats and clunky gym shoes for me."

    Tube socks? Once knew a parrot who had to wear them while his feathers grew back. Ol' Frankie Fricasse was quite a sporty sight. No doubt Mr. Scooty would probably have debated rug rights with him had he attempted to join him under the cuddle blanket -- and he would have tried it.

  4. I wish I could see that coat a little closer up. That box is great!!!!