Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Next Project


So many titles came to mind for this post: You Bought What?, Hello, I've Joined A Cult, How To Look Frumpy In One Easy Step, etc.  

I bought this jumper on Saturday.


 I'm wearing it over a blouse and jeans and it's huge!

 "Good, lord, I look so frumpy" I thought the no make-up, un cropped photos were perfect for this look.  Middle aged cult member?

 It's  a pretty corduroy fabric. I'll be taking it apart, measuring how much fabric and making something awesome out of it. 

 Back to normal today.

"I'm a dancer!" Not really, I lost my balance when I kicked my leg up to show off the boots. Thanks, Doc for being a great photog. 

What I'm  wearing: thrifted knit skirt, sweater and shell bought new on sale, YSL heart necklace from an auction lot of jewelry, those boots from Payless, really old leggings and a $1 headband from Target. The jumper and blouse are also thrifted.

I'll keep you posted on the project.

Now back inside, because it's getting colder as the day goes on.



  1. That pinafore - its odd how Americans call them jumpers, that's what we call sweaters - is the most fabulous print and fabric. You'll work your magic in no time!
    Love that photo of you laughing, so pretty! x

  2. Ha, Vix is having the same trouble as me with our common language! But yes, the corduroy fabric is too lovely to go to waste, and those boots look great!
    Project? What project? xxx

  3. I loove that photo of you laughing too. Great shutter finger there, Doc. And the outfit is gorgeous, especially the way you added that orange heart.
    I love an oversized jumper and I'd wear it as is all frumped out as a look, but that's just my warped self. I'm curious what you'll transform this into. You have mad brilliant sewing skills. The fabric is worth the effort.