Monday, December 21, 2015


Spent my last 3 work days (11, 14 & 15) organizing the storage at work. How in the hell does it get so messed up? This semester we've done the hat room, women's and men's shoes, moved into a new warehouse/off site storage, got the fabric room tidy, organized the patterns, belts and countless other things. No wonder I got sick last Wednesday. The cold that won't leave.

Made by me hat, thrifted coat, from Hollie purse, Ralph Lauren jeans (cause I'm special)
 Here I am outside for the first time in 4 days on the way to the grocery store.

I did manage to put one tree up and get the cat pissed at me.

Mr. Scooty doesn't want to be a reindeer.
"Let me at that tree human"


  1. Mr Scooty doesn't look at all happy with his antlers!!
    Looking fab, love those recycled rice sack bags. xxx

  2. Are you sure it's not a rice sack? I've bought bags of a particular basmati brand just to get that mustard yellow bag (not that the rice isn't edible).

    Beware the bugs, Thorne. I woke up one morning with stomach 'flu and quickly discovered I don't like green Gatorade and truly loathe simple saline IVs. Bah, humbug!

    No trees for me this year whilst Nora, my resuce kitten, is running amuck. There's usually an ancient glass punch bowl filled with old ornament balls on the table. This year it's a Nordic metal vessel filled with catnip mice and cat jingle balls. *tinkle*

    1. yeah, I'm sure as it has directions on the back on how to use the concrete. I buy basmati rice with handles and zippers to reuse, too