Friday, December 25, 2015


ME! Not on,  in front of the tree. 

 Wearing my weaponized Santa hat made by my friend Chris. And a vintage beaded Christmas tree necklace made in West Germany.

 Clare and the Nutcracker, made in the early 80's from a Vogue craft pattern.

 Mr. Scooty on a scooter, from Malice.

 Jerry Rice, Oakland Raider wide receiver.

 The TARDIS, because. Can't wait for tonight's Christmas special....River Song!

 My niece made this dino when she was a kid, she just had her first child!

 Hello, Kitty! There's 2 more somewhere on the tree.

 Glitter covered peacock.

 Another Nutcracker ornament, with VSU in the background

 Paper Keith Herring present from the 1980's

 From my childhood, shiny bright vintage ornament. Years ago my Dad sent me 3 boxes. I'll never get rid of them.

 Turn Christmas cards into ornaments instead of tossing them out.

 Tinker Bell's been drinking she blurry!

 Last year gift from The Doctor.......

 this years. House Targaryen

There's lots more, but this post would go on forever. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, have a lovely day.

Here's something pretty:  Roses in the front yard on Christmas because it's 80 degrees.


  1. Beautiful tree with so many keepsake ornaments with stories built into them. Your hat cracks me up, hahaha!! I hope you and The Doctor have a great day. Smell those roses.

  2. Ah there's nothing like Christmas roses! Darn this weather! Merry Christmas.

  3. I do admire that medieval weapon hat tail! Didn't have a tree this year (to save the ornaments from a Christmas kitten), so the close-ups of your beautiful ornaments is very much appreciated. One could write a bio, real or otherwise, with real-life ornaments as chapter prompts, Thorne. Kiwi Sue has actual photo ornaments of departed loved ones on her tree -- I'm sure you especially treasure the green dino made by a little girl who's now a grown-up.

  4. There's some fabulous decorations on your tree, loving the peacock, he'd be up all year round in this house.
    Hope you had a fab time. We're having the same unseasonable mild weather, the Rosemary, magnolia and strawberries are all out. I'm not complaining though, I hate being cold. xxx

  5. Kathy those Xmas ornaments from your dad are priceless! I Love it when things has added patina of memories on them. I also like your tardis. Yes.