Monday, March 28, 2016


For the past 2 Saturdays I've hit the thrift shops and have  come home with a few items. Sometimes it's a great big barren desert out there.  Other times it's awesome. The beauty for shopping second hand is you never know what you'll find. Half of these finds are from Braganza, which is a rummage sale to benefit the VSU symphony, the other half are store finds.


Two ties, the one on the left is vintage. The right one was too cool not to buy. it's silk and made in England.

Two scarves. The gray one is cashmere from Scotland, the red a cotton Bo Ho style.

Two books (hey, I spot  trend). The Saint Laurent one is from a Met Museum of Art show, 1983. I can't seem to pass up Better Homes and Gardens vintage cookbooks. This one is from 1966.

Only one handbag, but two views. At first I thought this was an old camera case.

Handmade paper journal.

1970's sportcoat.

Navy blue cardigan for The Doctor.

Midnight blue velvet tunic for me. I never can get velvet to look nice in photos.

It's been raining on and off for three days, my fingers are crossed that all the pine pollen was washed away.

If you celebrated Easter,  I hope it was lovely.


  1. It is true I go through a dearth of nothingness sometimes. Liking the English tie. I snag any publications from the 60s, esp. BHG books.
    Easter was wonderful - made great progress on a log cabin quilt.

  2. Is the tie Austin Reed?
    Love the look of that YSL book, the cover is worth framing. I thought that was a binocular case, it's rather lovely. xxx