Wednesday, March 30, 2016


"The night is dark and full for terrors"

 I've gone crazy for these Game of Throne dolls. Because I need
to collect more stuff, right?

My week started off fun. While eating lunch on Monday, one of my fillings fell out. By "fell out", I mean it disappeared. Must have swallowed it! Called my dentist and I'm going in this afternoon. Good thing it hasn't hurt and no ill affects from where ever the filling went.

Oklahoma opens tomorrow, so not a good time for a dental event.


  1. I like the doll if for nothing else than the opening quote about the terrors. Hahaha. I don't watch the show but I love the doll. Bummer about the tooth. Good luck with the show!

  2. Never seen the programme but the doll is sweet.
    Hope that filling gets sorted. xxx

  3. Oh, dear. I've a crown that pops off every three years of so, usually when I'm eating pasta. So far it's always been recovered and reglued, but now you've got me wondering what would happen if... * Never mind. I'm certain that losing a filling is a good omen for the opening of a musical.