Monday, April 11, 2016


Dang, that sounds too much like clink bait! Anyway, the secret is to shop second hand and know your labels. On Saturday I stopped in at a local charity shop that was having a sale. Tops were $1 instead of $2. I bought this rather meh looking linen jacket. 

 Not a color I usually wear, a sort of taupe/beige.

Now comes the label part..........................................................

 Neiman Marcus I know is a very high end store, never heard of Eskander before. I bought it because it fit and I don't have too many light weight jackets. And for a $1. Checked on line and the same jacket, in gold/yellow, is for sale on the Neiman Marcus web site for $735!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Looks a lot better on than laying on the floor.

 Yeah, me. The morale today is: yes, you can find really nice clothing second hand. Know your labels. I could have just as easily  picked a cheaply made "fast fashion" jacket for the same price. Always buy the more pricey brand because 9 times out of 10, the item will last longer and be better made. And, hey, you can impress the hell out of your friends!

 Here's The Doctor looking sporty in his cargo sweatpants. That's not a typo: cargo sweatpants. Every pair of pants he owns are cargo pants. It's a thing.

That brick path he's standing on? Yep, he did that.

See ya later


  1. I quite often pick up good labels by accident at the jumbles , its a hard decision whether to ebay them or cut tham up, which is usually what happens to stuff i

  2. Score, touchdown!! Good shopping there. I love these unexpected treats. Great jacket, and The Doctor is looking mighty fine in his cargo sweatpants. I didn't even know they make them but great pockets.

  3. What a very chic and cheap! acquisition for your wardrobe, Thorne! I'd be tempted to create a DIY pin in Goodwill gold and burgundy, stating "$1 at Goodwill, $735 online", as a 'statement accessory'.

  4. Looks great on you. I often don't know the labels on clothes I find second-hand but quality stands out a mile, doesn't it? xxx