Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The Boss bought the shop a new present. Say "Hello" to my new favorite toy

A hanger organizer. Over Christmas I saw one of these at Goodwill and wanted to push it home. Ain't it pretty? All the hangers in one place. It took me forever to find it on-line. I was looking for a "hanger sorter", which unknown to me, is a job! A person that sorts hangers for re-use or recycle is called a hanger sorter.  Guess you do learn something new everyday.

The Doctor made this loaf of banana bread the other day. It was really good. Who know the man could bake?

Sometime soon I'll have pictures of Oklahoma ready to post. Saw the show last night and it was fun. It was also the third time I've worked on it. When I was a child, my sister and I used to dance around the garage singing and dancing to the Broadway  soundtrack. My favorite song was "Poor Jed is Dead" ( he's hanging in the shed).



  1. The Doctor is a keeper. His banana bread looks fantastic.
    I've never seen one of those contraptions before but it's ace! xxx

  2. Yes, that bread looks scrumptious.
    Poor Jud is one of my favourite songs from that musical too, the more exaggerated, the better.

  3. Oh, dear, now I'll be warbling songs from "Oklahoma" during my commute and possibly into my workday. This might entail explaining Poor Jud to my young Asian co-workers, whose public response will be polite, of course.

    The hanger thingy is brilliant! So is the banana bread. Banana bread is for breakfast!